Made in India: Vinsak's LSR and LVPI targets label segment

The Vinsak’s LSR and LVPI kit for the label and packaging segment promises to automise the finishing process and help improve the quality, finds out Priya Raju

16 Dec 2015 | By Priya Raju

The market need
In 2012, Creed Engineers who has been in the business of supplying and supporting of print equipment for past two decades launched its brand called Vinsak. Under the brand name Vinsak, Creed Engineers diversified its business by the manufacturing of label finishing equipment and inkjet systems.
Sensing the domestic market need in the labels and security printing market, Vinsak introduced Vinsak LSR 330 label inspection slitter rewinder in 2013. And the Vinsak LVPI, which is a variable data printer and inspection system, was launched in 2014.
The Vinsak LSR 330 slitter rewinder, for which Vinsak has entered into a license agreement with a British company who is an established European manufacturer, to manufacture this machine. The machine is already being manufactured in the Mumbai facility of Vinsak. The Vinsak LVPI is designed and manufactured by Vinsak.
Explaining the need for these equipments, Ranesh Bajaj, director of Vinsak says, “It has been seen that while printers spend a lot of time and money on the printing equipment, they tend to ignore the finishing part of the project.” He adds, “A most beautifully printed label, if not wound correctly, inspected for defects, numbered or bar coded correctly can ruin the entire project. Hence, it is important that printers pay equal or more heed to the quality and accuracy of their finishing equipment.”
The kit for inspection and VDP
The Vinsak’s LSR kit is available in 330mm and 450mm widths and an inspection camera for defect detection from any o the suppliers around the world can be integrated. . Bajaj says, “The LSR operates at a maximum speed of 300 metres per minute, which makes it capable of providing an output equal to five manually-operated Chinese machines with speeds up to 40 metres per minute that we use today. Plus, there is an advantage of the lower footprint and lower manpower and electricity costs.”
Vinsak’s LVPI, which was launched in 2014, is targeted at the labels and security printing market. “When it comes to printing personalised security labels with fully variable information, or frequently changing print, Vinsak LVPI is the perfect solution,” claims Bajaj. “It’s reliable, versatile and flexible with high performance and lowest cost of operation vis-a-vis print quality,” he says.
The machines take large printed rolls of labels in multiple lanes, inspect, number and slit them and rewind them on designated core diameter. These finished rolls carry a predefined number of labels, which the print buyer can use for his automatic labelling equipment.
These machines are normally used in conjunction with narrow web label presses like Lombardi, Gallus, etc. and can also be used for the marking of holographic labels and stamps.
Benefits for the converters?
Speaking about the USP of Vinsak’s LSR and LVPI, Bajaj says, “The machines provided by Vinsak are rugged with a proven design. We ensure that the components used in our machines are of high quality and that the equipment performs optimally for years.”
All the equipment sold by the firm comes with one year warranty.  The firm currently has nine service centres across the country. Bajaj says, “In most cases we try and provide the service for the equipment on the same day. In some cases, after the warranty period we also offer an AMC.”
Both the machines come with options among which a printer can choose according to their requirement.  The price for these machines depends on the configuration selected.  Talking about the alternatives in the market, Bajaj says, “Starting from leading British and European suppliers, East European companies, few Indian companies and a host of Chinese companies who offer similar equipment. So the spectrum is fully covered from the lowest to the highest cost.”
Customer base
Regal Creative and A&A Labels are among the firms in India who have opted for the LSR slitter rewinder machine.
Delhi-based Regal Creative started its operation in 2003. The factory in Delhi is spread across 15,000sq/ft; is run by Rakshit Chawla and KK Bajaj, serving as director of the firm. Chawla, says, “Growing need of paper proper inspection system to send 100% defect free labels to customers prompted us to invest in this equipment. We started our label printing facility in 2003, and it has been growing at a rate of 10 to 12% year-on-year.”
While Saurabh Jain, managing director of A&A Labels, commenting on the purchase of Vinsak’s LSR says, “The machine enables us to improve the quality of slitting while reducing the labour challenges. It operates at a high speed of 300m/min as compared to other slitting machines in our factory that run at 35-40m/min, thereby increasing productivity.”
Vinsak currently has 15 installations of the LSR and 10 of the LVPI in India. Bajaj informs that there are more machines in the pipeline.n