Carton Folder-Gluer

With 35 folder-gluers (lock bottom) and more than 200 folder-gluers (straight-line), Vijaya Grafiks has a significant footprint. Priya Raju finds out how it can be a substitute for imported machines

29 Nov 2013 | By Priya Raju

The Indian packaging industry, growing at an annual rate of more than 15%, is valued at $ 15.6 billion and in the next five years it is expected to reach $60 billion mark. To cater to the ever-growing demand of the converting segment it is necessary for a firm to invest in a reliable converting machine. One such machine is Vijaya Grafiks’ carton folder-gluer for straight line and crash-lock bottom cartons. The Delhi-based company is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of carton folder-gluers. 
According to Vimal Jain, managing partner, Vijaya Grafiks, “Growing consumer awareness, education and increase in population are the key factors for increasing demand in packaging.” The carton folder-gluer which was launched in 2001, was upgraded in 2006 and in 2009. The upgrade was from the conventional method machines to electronic-operated automatic machines with nozzle gluing system and PLC operated control panels. Jain adds, “The mechanical design of the machine was upgraded to make it operator-friendly and also increase production speeds.”
Jain says, “The machines are manufactured in tandem with international quality standards”. The firm conducts quality management programme to ensure that standards are met. Jain says, “We are supported by an advanced manufacturing unit that is fortified with grinding, milling, lathe, CNC turning, drilling and cutting machines.” The folder-gluer is ideal for offset printers, which are into manufacturing and supplying of cartons. 
Key features
The machine is capable of handling paper thickness ranging from 180 – 600gsm and has a speed up to 300m/minute. The machine can handle paper with sizes ranging from 70mm to 800mm. Jain says, “The machine is built with solid steel frames. We also use alloy steel according to the requirement and accurate machining makes durable for long-runs. According to the requirements of clients, special purpose folder-gluers can be manufactured which can take minimum length of 30mm and width of 50mm, with attachments like sharpener and eraser sleeves.
The feeder unit which has a variable drive is designed to allow appropriate space between the cartons. The transfer section allows the carton to be transferred to the pressing unit during the regular flow at any production speed. The pre-folding section creases the first and third line at 180 and 130degree which helps to smoothen the folded box in an automatic filling machine. The final folding of second and fourth crease happens after the gluing process. 
Explaining the machine’s functions Jain says, “The machine is user-friendly and has less change-over and setting time.”  He further adds, “The nozzle gluing systems is equipped with sensor, which helps to eradicate wastages, which would otherwise occur due to manual errors. Less consumption of glue makes it cost-effective device.” The machine is capable of using water-based glue among others.
Add-on features
A converter can opt for additional features like the nozzle electronic gluing system and lock bottom attachment. The gluing system can be used for gluing lock flaps and side flap. The system comprises of controller, sensors, nozzles, encoder and pressure glue tank and is equipped to handle different glue pattern and thickness. Gluing can be done in-line or in dot-mode.
The lock-bottom attachment feature uses folding hooks, an advanced technology in the, lock holding unit, which is designed to maintain proper pressure on the carton to avoid shifting of carton while in production mode. This feature helps to save wastage and increase the speed of production.
The Totaliser and batch counter feature keeps track of carton count without manual intervention.
Installation of 250 folder-gluers
There are 35 folder-gluers with lock bottom machine and more than 200 folder-gluers for straight-line cartons installed successfully all over India. Some of the key clients include Alps Printers and Jaiswal Art Press in New Delhi; White Print O Pack, Durga Print Pack, Ashirwad Print Pack, Arihant Pack Well in Baddi; Harjeet Press in  Saharanpur; among others.
Talking about the feedback from the market Jain says, “Our machines have had an excellent response in market which is indicated by the repeat orders we get from our clients.” 
Established in 2001, Vijaya Grafiks has an in-house research and development team headed by Prashanth Kumar, partner, Vijay Grafiks.
All components are tested before assembly and backed by a sales support team, the company converters to run and maintain these machines for better performance.
Vijaya Grafiks has also developed a liner carton/window patching machine with the help of in-house research team. The machine was unraveled at PrintPack 2013. Jain says, “The machine which is required for packaging of food products like masala, ghee, oil, tea, glucose etc are in huge demand due to growing requirements in this segment.” He concludes, “The machine generated many enquiries at PrintPack 2013 and the commercial production of the machine has started.” There are foreign manufacturers which produce carton/window patching machines for food packages, but in India, Grafika is the first one to do so.”