Me & My: Bobst Ambition 76A1 and Novacut 106

Company Name: Okay Papers Products

24 Jul 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

Key person: Kapil Roongta.
Model & Configuration: Bobst Ambition 76A1 folder-gluer and Novacut 106. 
The Ambition 76 A1 is capable of gluing and finishing crash-lock bottom cartons, small panels eye-drops cartons, large outer cartons of open size 76cms, catch cover, multi panel cartons.
The Novacut 106 is capable of converting 8,500 sheets/hour.
Year of installation: 2013 and 2015.
City: Vasai, a fast-growing town, which is attracting a large number of print and packaging companies.
Why Ambition and Novacut: Ambition, because of its automation and accuracy and Novacut because of its speed and accuracy. This product synchronises the offset output to folder-gluer speed and hence throughput is achieved.
Production record: Produced 5,50,000 jobs in three hours flat, pasted, packed and dispatched.
Commitment you could fulfil: Far too many to mention.
About Bobst: We bought two Bobst machines in a span of a year and a half. We have realised the importance of good equipment after installation of a Bobst kit.
Future plans: To utilise the installed capacities to its optimum.