YesGo launches premedia services arm- SGO

Chennai-based packaging pre-press training company YesGo launched SGO, their pre-media services venture in a grand event at Hotel Crown Plaza, Chennai on 10 January 2021.

15 Jan 2021 | By Sriraam Selvam

The brand was inaugurated by TP Jain, managing director of Monotech along with guest of honours AMSG Ashokan, managing director of Arasan Ganesan group of industries and Alan Barretto, managing director of Nilpeter India.

Speaking about the brand and its goals, Nizamappas, founder and CEO said, “SGO premedia has been crafted as a part of YesGo’s assurance of 360-degree solutions provider in packaging and printing needs as well as to offer a local and most cost-effective pre-media services equipped with inhouse solutions- skilled manpower, high-end infrastructure like Esko and end to end workflow automation at the brand’s door stop. SGO also aims to remove dependency on outsourcing and encourage voice for local. A truly make in India initiative to meet the growing industry needs.”

“Pre-media plays a pivotal role in delivering perfection in the final output of print and packaging. So far there are plenty of global pre-media houses operating in the industry having their branches in India as well. So far brand owners and converters and other stakeholders in India have to be dependent upon them or have to outsource them which makes the process lengthier and time consuming,” he explained.

Along with Nizamappas, SGO’s management team will also include Venkatesh G and Ramalakshmi Nizam as directors of operations and technical respectively.

The pre-media venture is the latest in YesGo’s growth trajectory. In the last few months, the company has opened branches in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. They have also launched an employment portal, My Print Career, exclusively for the print and packaging industry. 

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