XSYS launches Nyloflex eco flexo plate series

XSYS, a global provider of flexographic printing plates, plate processing equipment, and pre-press software, has introduced two new plates under the newly established Nyloflex eco brand. This innovative approach demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to advancing sustainability in the printing industry.

27 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Within the next 12-18 months, Nyloflex eco ACT and Nyloflex eco FAC will replace their predecessor products that will be phased out

“As the entire packaging printing value chain shifts towards sustainable solutions, XSYS has launched the Nyloflex eco plate series under the slogan, Lifting proven quality to a sustainable future. This is to emphasise that increasing product sustainability for us does not mean jeopardising the proven quality of the Nyloflex brand. The highest print quality and product durability are imperative in order to maintain the competitiveness of our customers and the flexographic printing industry as a whole.” Florian Hoelzle, product manager, Nyloflex/Nylosolv, said.

The Nyloflex eco ACT is a medium hard photopolymer flexo plate designed to deliver perfect print quality, no matter how challenging the combination of halftones and solids on a cliché may be. One of the key features of this plate is its compatibility with both tube and LED exposure systems. This versatility allows seamless integration into existing plate-making processes, enhancing efficiency and flexibility. Specifically developed for paper and board applications, the Nyloflex eco ACT excels with water-based inks, ensuring excellent performance on absorbent substrates (pre-print, paper bags, folding cartons and wrapping paper).

The Nyloflex eco FAC is a soft photopolymer flexo plate specifically developed for corrugated post-print and stands out as a superior choice for delivering consistent and high-quality results every time. Whether working with rough and uneven surfaces or pressure-sensitive, and soft paper substrates, this flexo plate is extremely robust and durable.

In addition to the well-known and customer-valued attributes of the legacy products Nyloflex ACT and Nyloflex FAC, the new eco-friendly successors offer unprecedented benefits. The polymer layer incorporates 19-29% renewable raw materials and the plates offer a remarkable 20% reduction in plate processing time, enhancing productivity while reducing energy and solvent consumption. By using eco-friendly blue plates, customers can enhance their sustainability credentials, which can be a strong selling point to their eco-conscious clients and stakeholders.

“The market launch of the Nyloflex eco product series marks an important milestone in our efforts to contribute to a more sustainable industry”, said Dr Eva Freudenthaler, vice-president, technology. 

She added, “Within the next 12-18 months, Nyloflex eco ACT and Nyloflex eco FAC will replace their predecessor products that will be phased out. We have also embarked on a long-planned project to standardise all Nyloflex flexo plate colours over the coming 24-36 months towards a bright, clear, light blue hue, as already known from some high-performance plates for flexible packaging applications. This colour harmonisation allows for more efficient production processes and a reduction of waste which will further improve the carbon footprint of our products. It goes without saying that the product performance, thereby has top priority and is not to be compromised.”

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