XSYS impresses at Drupa with eco-friendly innovations

XSYS impressed visitors seeking sustainable solutions at Drupa 2024, which concluded recently. Bringing a flurry of product launches, the global pre-press specialist supplier introduced new innovations specifically aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of flexo, while delivering brilliant print quality.

19 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The XSYS stall at Drupa 2024

These included the Nyloflex eco plate series, Catena ProServX equipment monitoring software, EcoFillX solvent-saving imaging software feature, and Rotec eco sleeves, all developed to reduce waste, add value and enhance productivity. In addition, key industry collaborations promoted sustainable solutions developed with leading industry partners.

“It was fantastic finally to be back at Drupa after eight years, demonstrating brilliant solutions that support our customers in improving sustainability in flexo platemaking and printing,” said Thomas Strohe, director, commercial excellence. “Our Innovate. Sustain. Print theme is a straightforward concept, tailored to the needs of today’s challenging market. This hit the right note with existing customers as well as attracting new business. I’m extremely pleased to report a string of sales, including significant deals with Neuefeind in Germany and CCL Austria, along with a new partnership with Fine Line Graphics in the US.”

Drupa visitors gathered to learn about Nyloflex eco plates which are made with up to 29% renewable raw materials, while promoting 25% faster processing speeds for significant savings. Nyloflex eco ACT is a medium-hard photopolymer plate for paper and board, well-suited to water-based inks. Easily combining halftones and solids, it is compatible with tube and LED exposure systems for maximum efficiency and flexibility. For corrugated post-print, the softer Nyloflex eco FAC is an extremely robust and durable plate that tackles rough and uneven or pressure-sensitive surfaces, and soft paper substrates with ease. The first two Nyloflex eco plates are presented in a bright, clear, light blue colour set to become the standard across the portfolio to optimise production and reduce waste. Over the coming months, they will replace the existing Nyloflex ACT and FAC products. More eco plates will be launched in due course, as XSYS continues to lift proven quality to a sustainable future.

The ThermoFlexX Catena+ plate processing line running live on the booth was a real visitor magnet, with over 200 demos conducted during the show. As a breakthrough in fully automated, low-waste platemaking, the award-winning Catena+ contributes to sustainable, Industry 4.0 production, while offering excellent OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Recognising these qualities and the benefits they offer, Neuefeind GmbH signed for a Catena+ line and a ThermoFlexX 80D imaging system. Meanwhile, new customer in the US, Fine Line Graphics, shook hands on a large deal that includes nyloflex® FTV plates, Woodpecker surface screening, ThermoFlexX imaging, Catena Bridge and Catena-E exposure technologies.

Software introductions were also a major attraction as XSYS launched its Catena ProServX monitoring software and unique EcoFillX solvent-saving imaging feature. A cloud-based tool, Catena ProServX offers real-time equipment monitoring, enabling proactive maintenance and improving quality control. By measuring performance, energy use, and consumables, it provides insights to optimise OEE, ensure high quality, and reduce waste. Meanwhile, the EcoFillX feature in MultiPlate for ThermoFlexX imagers allows non-printing areas to be imaged with various structures, keeping more polymers bound to the plate. As a result, much less solid content is washed out, extending the lifetime of the solvent, lowering waste and saving costs.

New sustainable solutions for the pressroom included XSYS’ vision of the Rotec eco family of sleeves, developed to achieve even more brilliant print performance, and a new structured sleeve surface that facilitates the escape of air bubbles to minimise waste and ensure quality. The latest sleeve storage system from Ulmex Industries, perfect for optimising space and extending product lifespan, could also be seen. Substantial deals were also made in this area, with CCL Austria placing an order for 360 Rotec Smart premium sleeves.

“XSYS delivered as promised at Drupa demonstrating innovative solutions that allow our customers to be brilliant and sustainable in equal measure. And there is more to come, as we continue to develop more products and collaborate with partners on projects that contribute to a greener future for flexo,” concluded Lars Kräft, chief commercial officer. XSYS.

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