Xpress Digital installs JWEI CB-03 II 2516 digital cutting table

Hyderabad-based Xpress Digital Printing has installed the JWEI CB-03 II 2516 digital cutting table, supplied by TechNova Imaging Systems. The machine has been running on the company shopfloor since January 2019.

18 Oct 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The JWEI CB-03 II 2518 digital cutting table at Xpress Digital

B Ramesh Babu of Xpress Digital Printing said the company previously used machines like Graphtech, and laser-cutting, before selecting JWEI. “With the table, we can cut PVC, polycarbonate, paper, plastic, foam boards, and other materials,” Babu said, adding that after the installation of the machine, the company can now add thicker materials to its products.

The JWEI CB-03 II 2518 digital cutting table for roll-to-roll and sheet cutting offers quality output, any shape cutting without die for small quantity.

“After the installation, the TechNova engineers trained our operators for a week. The TechNova team continues to offer support via telephone, online and visiting support. “Now, with the machine, we can cut with quality, as well as lesser time and reduce waste,” Babu added.

Xpress Digital Printing was started by Balusuvenkataramanarao in 2000 and ran the operations singlehandedly until 2016. Now Xpress Digital has expanded to several branches in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad with a dedicated customer base.

The most notable aspect of the company is that 80% of its staff are women.

Babu said the main challenges in the printing business are manpower, followed by latest equipment and infrastructure and quality material.

The company’s current turnover from its label division is Rs 3 crore. “Our target for the next year is Rs 5 crore.”

He said for the company the recent developments have been the use of new technology with the latest machinery. These include screen printing, digital printing, roll-to-roll printing, and flatbed UV printing. More than 60 people work in the company’s 5,000-sqft floor space. The company’s average print length is 5,000 prints.