Xerox embraces the new normal with personalised live demos

As the traditional way of doing business is becoming a thing of the past, with continued lockdowns and social distancing norms, Xerox has embraced the ‘new normal’ in a big way, especially with virtual demo sessions. Vineet Gehani, director, technology and channels, Xerox India, explained, “Live videos are everywhere. It’s hard not to get on with the action, especially when the world moves on to the virtual platform. The traditional way to purchase a copier or a commercial printer involved a nearby showroom trip to get hands-on experience. However, in May 2020, we launched live streaming demo sessions as we realised that our customers wanted a technology-led solution that aided decision-making while circumventing the challenges of distance, travel, and geographical locations of different approving personnel involved in the procurement of new technology.”

18 Sep 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Vineet Gehani, director, technology and channels, Xerox India

Gehani said the core idea of setting up a virtual demo platform was to give customers from any part of the country/ world access to Xerox’s technology. These virtual demo sessions are available to all customers across commercial printing, enterprise, small business owners, and government departments.

He added that the company has also received requests for virtual demos from existing and potential customers. “All live demo sessions are personalised to the customers’ needs and require significant preparation to ensure that the customer gets a thorough walkthrough of specific technology and clarification on all queries by our technical experts and engineers. To ensure that the customers can look at the final printed materials produced by the device and the actual printing speed, etc, we do print samples in real-time. Customers can also pre-upload their desired files,” he explained.

Recently the company conducted a couple of sessions for Indian customers led by technical teams based out of Xerox centres in the UK and the US.

These virtual demos are run through a specially designed interface and relay life-like, high-resolution visuals that are captured in a hi-tech studio environment. The new interface allows customers to attend these sessions as a regular online session through their smartphones/ iPads or laptops.

Gehani added, “Although designed around certain other restrictions and challenges, the pandemic has made these demos an essential/ non-negotiable practice. Besides ensuring physical distancing, other benefits include saving time and costs involved in travelling to a physical demo site, which sometimes meant air travel to other cities for customers in non-metros.”

He confirmed that the company has witnessed a significant interest in virtual demos from its existing and potential customers. “Customers are getting back to business, and the standard business cycle is starting to resume. However, given the restricted movement in certain parts of the country, and the various safety challenges, physical meetings and demos are not practical. Our virtual demo offering addresses these challenges and enables our customers get a close-to-real-life experience of our technology,” he added.

Gehani said Xerox is offering virtual demos whether one is looking to upgrade their work infrastructure to Xerox copiers and production printers. A customer can request for a demo through the Xerox portal or even request it through their key account manager/ liaison at Xerox.

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