Xaar transformed and re-energised

Sales are up at Xaar, and customers have embraced its Aquinox printhead with two new machines already in development – ahead of the group’s expectations.

06 Apr 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Xaar invested Euro 1.2-m in reorganising its manufacturing facility

Xaar invested Euro 1.2-m in reorganising its manufacturing facility

Announcing Xaar’s results for calendar year 2022 on 28 March, CEO John Mills said that Aquinox had been well received by customers who’ve taken test kits.

The aqueous head was launched four months ago, and is billed as having a potentially transformative effect on a number of markets due to its jetting capabilities.

“We’ve made assertions about the product and the really gratifying thing is that customers that have tested it have validated the points we made,” Mills said.

He added, “What we’ve found is that we can actually formulate the ink to be much higher viscosity, with much more pigment, and because of that you don’t need a primer. And because you’re putting twice as much pigment into the ink, you effectively print quicker.”

He said that customers had found net productivity to be significantly higher because of these factors.

The first machines being developed will be for textiles and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing using pigmented ink. Aquinox can also handle reactive dye inks.

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