Women in print: Shikha Rana

Shikha Rana is a senior sales manager at Reed Manch Exhibitions

01 Feb 2018 | By PrintWeek India

One of the best events hosted by Reed?
Reed Manch‘s portfolio includes a great array of events and each has its own importance. 
Your dream job?
A combination of creating something new and sharing them with as many people as possible. 
Any sport that you follow?
What is your favourite film or song?
The Notebook.  
Your role model?
My father, JS Rana
Your view on sustainability?
It’s not just an award to collect or an end goal. Rather it is an ongoing process that involves a constant and balanced attention between the financial, human, and environmental.
One teacher you remember and why?
Mr Rath. He was a person with amiable personality and quality teaching. I have never found him lose his temper no matter what.
One most valuable work lesson?
Always look for new ways to learn and don’t get discouraged when problem arises.
One key tip for good health?
Good diet and adequate sleep.
Most useful app?
Google Drive, NewsHunt.
Desired vacation spot?
The Arctic and Antarctica.
Your tip to resolve conflicts…
One should listen to all involved to completely understand the nature of conflict and then start troubleshooting solutions.
Life is…?
There’s a saying, life is a journey… and only you can hold the map. So explore the unexplored.