Why should I start business process automation?

Every entrepreneur wants to scale up their business irrespective of whether they are into manufacturing or services. Business Process Automation (BPA) gives you the power to grow your business on any scale.

15 Mar 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Parmeshwar Patidar of Indus Analytics

The printing industry has very complex business processes; it is both manufacturing and service industry. It means every job is unique and has different asynchronous processes.

Ahmedabad-based Bpack Industries is one such company that has automated its business processes using the Indus Print ERP system’s BPA.

The dynamicity of the printing and allied processes makes it a real challenge to implement BPA.

BPA consists of digital transformation, technology-enabled automation, and simplification of complex business processes. Digital transformation means connecting the activities of the press through software, where data must flow seamlessly from one department to another with control over the quality of data and preparation of MIS reports based on the collected data.

The Malaysia-based KSK Printings has made use of this process to run its business efficiently with complete control over the workflow.

The core objectives behind BPA should be: 

  • Scalability and sustainability of the organisation
  • Better control over the business
  • Improving the quality of products and service
  • Better productivity and profitability

How to switch to BPA

  • Management should prepare a list of clearly defined objectives.
  • Prepare a flow chart with roles, responsibilities, and an execution plan.
  • Understand the existing processes and migrate to internationally-accepted standard processes to avoid micro-customisation of the software.
  • Step-by-step implementation with results measured through small milestones.
  • Invest adequate time to train yourself and the team.
  • Keep the team motivated enough to enter accurate data on a regular basis.

Recently, Indore-based Colors Packaging Solutions installed the Indus Print ERP system to make its business “intelligent and efficient in this technology-driven era” with the use of BPA.

Business process automation is going to be a necessity for every growing and forward-thinking company. It helps you to make perfect business decisions, provides you expert support system (ESS) and decision support system (DSS) to forecast future growth and scalability.

Automate your business today for a fit tomorrow.

Customers speak 

Dhruv Chokshi, Bpack Industries, Ahmedabad
A decade ago, the situation was different; many organisations enjoyed monopoly because of their scalability and market reach. This was way before internet connection. Now, everything is transparent, including how organisations do costing. Post-Covid, the SMEs are increasingly going to feel the need for automation to keep their operations running with reduced staff while maintaining productivity. I predict, emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will open up a wealth of new opportunities for current and upcoming organisations and their employees – taking on unrewarding and process-heavy activity, and freeing people to focus on more strategic, creative and valuable tasks.  

Sachin Dev Sivakumar, KSK Printings, Malaysia
The old-school thought of printers found them in a make-or-break situation. At the onslaught of the pandemic, it was necessary to pre-empt consequences and make the necessary operational and strategy adjustments. Automation had a crucial role to play. Businesses had to spend their money wisely to ensure they are getting a good ROI. Needless to say that convincing these somewhat antiquated owners to do so was an uphill task as they were either in a state of denial or plainly overconfident. Those who took the plunge are reaping the rewards after managing to stay afloat while those who were resistant to change have found themselves in doldrums. Undoubtedly, business digitisation was and continues to be the white knight for the printing industry during this unprecedented crisis. It benefits revenues, vastly improves efficiency, and reduces operational expenditure.

Aditya Pahuja, Colors Packaging Solutions, Indore
Automation is key to trigger the business in new era with limitation of time and urge to multiplying the turnovers. Automation has become a necessity for producing best quality products with minimal errors and empowered companies to make swift decisions. Analytical data obtained on click of a button from advanced software helps in business meetings, where we can speak about and show the actual facts and figures of our business operations, which will take the company to new heights quickly.


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