Welbound scores with seven-clamp binder during PrintPack

During PrintPack India 2017, Welbound showcased its newly launched seven-clamp perfect binder and automatic folding machine - and the feedback on all five days was tremendous.

15 Feb 2017 | By Priya Raju

The WB 2500 binder equipped with seven clamps, operates in an oval-shaped path where the spine is parallel to the binding station. The machine can be operated at variable speeds of up to 2,500 books per hour and comes with a vertical stacker.

According to Sajith Pallipuram, director of Welbound, “the medium speed adhesive binder employs all the technologies in gluing - water based, hot melts and PUR.” He added, “The binder is a one stop solution - be it for technology, quality or speed. This will also have options for quick change over and will have minimal manpower requirement.”

During a special product demo for the PrintWeek India team, the WB 2500 showed off its capability to produce more than two thousand books per hour, net on pallet – be it with EVA hotmelts, cold glue or the best in class Poly Urethane Reactive (PUR) hotmelts. The interesting thing was: it did with just one operator. The machine boasts of a unique book and cover feeding and an efficient vertical stack delivery. This assures every book is handled with care and can be placed standing on the spine. This medium speed, versatile binder fills the void between single clamp binders and high speed inline binding solutions – by providing the right mix of throughputs, floor space, and investments (or the returns).

The Welbound 2500 has already found an attractive market in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The standard model was shown at PrintPack for the first time and has since received a good response. The order book is currently healthy, according to a senior company spokesman.

Meanwhile, the automatic folding machine Diploma 4ZKTL which is an upgraded version of 4ZKLL comes with an inbuilt knife folding unit. It has a compact footprint and capable of producing various combinations of folding plus it is equipped with a sound reduction hood.

Pallipuram said, “Both the machines are indigenous innovation built by us and our customer response has been optimistic. This avatar of PrintPack 2017 did not see our biggest stall presence, but overall the show has been a grand success for us.”

Welbound 2500 - At a glance

The Welbound 2500 comes with two versions – a standard electromechanical version that is robust and ideally suited for the requirement of commercial printers and book binders.

The WB 2500 – 7E version is a book-on-demand avatar that allows complete job change-over at the touch of a button. There are multiple milling options, connectivity to a book block feeder, glue pot on the wheels – that can be rolled in and out, flat pile cover feeder with adjustable crease widths and depths and the moving cam type cover nipper that produces squarely nipped books. The proficient delivery system – a combination of down-hill and vertical stack ensures that books bound with cold glue or PUR do not have covers shifting.


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