We are getting ready, as good times are coming: Nitin Ahuja

AND Systems considers itself lucky to be with packaging printers since the beginning, as it survived the Covid-19 pandemic, “though the sales were hit, which was expected,” says Nitin Ahuja of AND Systems. Despite this, the company recently invested in a barring factory to upgrade and get ready, as the company believes that good times are coming. This, despite the company operating with a handful of staff since the pandemic.

08 May 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Nitin Ahuja of AND Systems

“We have a complete blanket and barring set up, and with the new machines coming, we would do all type of barring, including glue, tape and pinch steel bars,” says Ahuja.

With the distribution and outreach programmes in disarray since the pandemic, Ahuja says the company is distributing its products by courier, except for clients in the neighbouring areas. “We are not online yet,” he adds.

So, how is the company coping? “It was tough in the first few weeks, but we made it a practice to send a message to all the clients the days we were working and the date the delivery would be given,” Ahuja says. “Clients understood and gave orders in advance. So, it ran smoothly.”

In the meantime, the company has added a couple of new products while it has stopped dealing in a lot of other products, as the company’s concentration is on blanket and products around it,” he says. “We also have steel rules for die-making from Bohler, Austria. These have done well due to their quality.”

As the industry struggles to survive the pandemic, one of the major worries about the industry now is recycling. “I think the only consumables recyclable in our industry are plates and paper,” says Ahuja. “Though biodegradable and recyclable chemicals are available, few thinks of it due to permanent cost cutting. Only if we as consumers change our thoughts on buying eco-friendly, then only we can go reverse and think about recycling,” he says.

And next for AND? “We will keep at our core products,” says Ahuja. “Partnering is becoming important. One cannot do all by themselves, so we are look for fair and trusted partners.”

And the personal impact of the pandemic? “Initially, it was a problem but after a few weeks, we set working days, and it went well,” he concludes.