Waterborne film for enhancing banknote durability

Lamberti, which offers tailor-made solutions and products in diverse applications for coating and inks industries, has revealed that it has been active in the development and manufacturing of water-based solutions for banknote papermaking for a long time.

19 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Lamberti offers tailor-made solutions and products in diverse applications

The company’s brand of waterborne synthetic polymers is called Esacote. These polymers are primary building blocks for developing surface treatments with excellent flexibility and chemical resistances. Thanks to their peculiar set of performance, it is possible to enhance durability and soil resistance of banknotes, providing the papermakers solutions for optimising technical performance and maximising sustainability.

Focused on sustainability, the company recently added Esacote Bio to its products portfolio. They are water-based polyurethane dispersions manufactured using renewable raw materials for having even higher sustainability and lower carbon footprint.

Crosslinker is the company’s brand of free NCO crosslinkers that enhances performances. The free NCO groups, once poured in a water-based formulation, start to react with both hydroxil and carboxylic groups leading to the creation of an interpenetrative network that maximise mechanical and chemical resistances without reducing film flexibility.

The products portfolio is completed by Defomex (defoaming agent) and Viscolam PS (polyurethane-based rheology modifiers) for providing customers a full boxset of tools for developing state of the art formulations.

The company said, as the cash industry is continously evolving, it is also cooperating with partners for developing surface treatments suitable for overprint varnishes (OPV), foils and security features.

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