Warc Rankings 2023: Wavemaker India tops the charts for effectiveness

Warc has rolled out its 'Effective 100' list for 2022.

24 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Warc Effective 100 list

The annual ranking is produced by combining the results of the most important global and regional award shows in the industry. 

The Not just a Cadbury ad by Ogilvy and Wavemaker is second among the most awarded campaigns for effectiveness. The Script Room and McCann's Come to Oyo for Oyo Rooms is ninth on the list. 

India is the third most-awarded country for effectiveness, while the USA tops the list. 

Among the top media agencies for effectiveness, Wavemaker's Mumbai office tops the charts. 

Ogilvy Mumbai is once again the fifth most-awarded creative agency globally for marketing effectiveness, repeating its position from last year and becoming the only APAC agency office in the creative top 10 this year.

Anheuser-Busch InBev tops the most-awarded advertiser list, while McDonald's is second. 

Ogilvy stands at the number one position in the top networks for effectiveness list, while WPP is the most awarded holding company for effectiveness. 

Amy Rodgers, head of Warc Creative, said, “In our final ranking, the Effective 100, we see that three of the top five campaigns involved celebrity endorsements to reach target audiences and deliver brand growth. Cadbury used Indian actor and film producer Shah Rukh Khan to promote and endorse small local stores. McDonald’s asked multiple celebrities, including Travis Scott and BTS, to share their favourite McDonald’s order and released these orders as meals. Meanwhile, Jif partnered with Ludacris to help improve its brand perception. The collection of work that is the Effective 100 will provide inspiration to help the industry embed a culture of effectiveness going forward.”

(Source: Campaign India)