Viscosity control manufacturer InkSpec forges alliance with Royal Coat

InkSpec and Royal Coat have recently partnered for the distribution of InkSpec viscosity control equipment in India. The two companies will introduce the acoustic suspension MIIS-V3 viscometer to the Indian market.

26 Feb 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

This process viscometer is designed to measure and control viscosity in printing, coating, adhesive applications, and a broad range of similar processes. “The MIIS-V3 is based on over 35 years of proven technology and design experience in process fluid management, employing the latest Pad/InkSpec technology,” said Sunil Talpade, managing director of Royal Coat.

Talpade added, the MIIS-V3 viscometer is the first of its kind to use acoustic suspension for fluid viscosity measurement. “It is the most accurate, stable, and sensitive viscosity sensor ever developed by InkSpec. It uses a compliant mechanism and digital sound processor (DSP) measuring probe unaffected by flow, pump pulsations, press vibrations, and micro-foaming. The MIIS V-3 viscometer is perfect for measuring and controlling fluid viscosity in the most demanding environments.”

The MIIS-V3 viscometer can be retrofitted on existing printing and coating machines or OEM installed on new equipment, ensuring printing colour and coating consistency throughout the application run.