Virtual.Drupa 2021: Zund presents its hardware, software solutions

Zund had lined up a mix of hardware and software solutions that could increase the productivity to a great extent during Virtual.Drupa 2021. These included D3 digital cutter, pick and place interface, visualising option and V-cutting tool - VCT2.

26 May 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Prasanna Venkatesh, managing director, Zund India

With its innovative dual-beam system, the D3 sets new standards in performance. The two beams can each be equipped with up to three different modules, instantly doubling the throughput. The cutter controller optimally allocates the jobs to each of the two beams, ensuring maximum productivity.

The Zund Cut Center – ZCC can control a robot via the pick and place interface option. This allows the cut parts to be removed, sorted and stored fully automatically. The cut-out parts can be placed at predefined positions. ZCC calculates the ideal arrangement of the suction cups and activates only those that are needed. 

Visual support for parts removal via projection and monitor – with the visualising option, cut parts can be marked and labelled quickly and easily. The visualising option ensures an overview of the cut parts at all times and simplifies dispatch logistics.

The V-cutting tool is used for creating complex models from lightweight foam or sandwich panels. A design that has been thought through down to the last detail enables quick tool changes and simple, precise angle adjustment. 
According to Prasanna Venkatesh, managing director, Zund India, for the company the Virtual Drupa was a platform to stay connected with the market and also to showcase the intelligent automation that Zund had come up with in order to increase the efficiency of the digital cutting workflow systems.  

And how can the company help the Indian printers improve their production methods? Venkatesh explained, “It is essential for a printer to identify and eliminate unnecessary processes in the shopfloor and to have a lean organisation. One another factor would be to increase automation. At Zund, we are able to help our customers with an advanced workflow solution which helps in maximising material yield and increasing the printing efficiency manifolds. 

How does the printing sector look like in 2021? “Just when we thought the worst is over and normalcy is around the corner, we get hit by the second wave of pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. This has been a jolt to the printing segment, especially when things were starting to look up. Segments like flexo printing would still sail through. It is the offset and digital print, especially the large-format which will struggle through this year,” he said. 

He added that lockdowns becoming the norm these days, it would give an impetus to the eCommerce business. This means the print jobs related to eCommerce are certainly going to do good. 

“Short print cycles, with even shorter lead times for productions and the increasing price pressure, all call for intelligent automation in printing. With the latest print and cut workflow solution from Zund, essential datas from the ERP, MIS or web subsystems can be directly collated into a workflow for quick processing of jobs. One can track the progress of individual jobs through the metadata. These metadatas can also be printed in order to identify each job. Further, by scanning the QR code printed on the label, one can also track the order easily,” he said.

And the next big thing? “In my opinion, it’s Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. As a matter of fact, Zund already has its solutions inline with the Industry 4.0 norms. Also, our large R&D team in Switzerland works diligently to offer future-proof solutions to the market,” Venkatesh concluded.