Virtual.Drupa 2021, the virtual trade show, goes live

Claus Bolza-Schünemann, president of Drupa Committee, opened the 17th Drupa since 1951, a virtual show this time on 20 April.

21 Apr 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

Claus Bolza-Schünemann, president of Drupa Committee

As the number one fair for the world of printing and packaging, Bolza-Schünemann, opened the doors for four consecutive days, each morning starting with a top-notch keynote, followed by diversified programme to meet, to listen, to learn for networking, attending live web sessions, discuss with experts. Besides the keynotes, there will be more than 250 live web sessions to cover the key messages of the Virtual.Drupa 2021 of artificial intelligence, circular and platform economy, as well as the connected customer.

“It has been a difficult task for all involved, first – to take a decision on 13 March 12020 to postpone this international tradeshow to April 2021, and again, on 13 December 2020 to cancel, the physical Drupa for the year 2021, the first time ever in 70 years,” said Bolza-Schünemann. “However, in pandemic times with many restrictions around the globe, up to today, and with no other alternative, this decision to hold Virtual.Drupa 2021, to keep the printing industry up-to-date, was born.”

There are 212 exhibitors from 34 countries, five of these exhibitors are from India. They are: Chemline India, Line O Matic, Pratham Technologies, Shivam Machine Tools and Sukukha Hitech Products Industries. There are more than 12,000 registered users from 152 countries who will follow the Virtual.Drupa 2021.

Bolza-Schünemann said, “As president, I appreciate and honour all efforts made to enable this special event and to wish for its success for all participants. But to be honest, the sound of running equipment, the smell of ink and paper, the smiling faces of visitors and vendors, the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and the permanent search for solutions will be missed.”

The next Drupa, the 18th show, in May 2024 will hopefully be a physical show. “By then, Covid-19 will be a threat of the past, and we all look to meet and greet, face to face again,” concluded Bolza-Schünemann.

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