Virtual.Drupa 2021: Goebel Capital highlights its VSOP 2.0

Switzerland-based Goebel Capital’s star product at the Virtual.Drupa 2021 is its VSOP 2.0. It’s a state-of-the-art variable sleeve offset printing unit with advanced printing quality, less waste and minimum set-up time. It’s also capable of applying flexo printing with optional anilox cassettes.

23 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Karl Steinke of Goebel Capital GmbH,

According to Karl Steinke, head of sales, Goebel Capital GmbH, the company is optimistic about the printing sector in 2021. “Things are really starting to take off in a big way.  Last year, customers were reluctant to make new investments.

Some customers were also looking for used machines. This has changed. Customers now realise they can’t postpone investments any longer if they want to stay in business and used machines are often not a good option for the customers current needs,” Steinke said. “I think there are great advantages to web-fed offset presses as opposed to sheetfed or flexo presses.”

He added that the VSOP technology allows for short setup times and high speed, low-cost printing. “We have also seen a trend for environmentally-friendly, paper-based void-fill for packaging. Many of our machines are used to print only in one colour and then fold the void-fill for packaging,” he said.

Recently, the company established its India unit, Goebel Printing Machines (India), to be closer to its customers in India. 

Steinke said security printing is the next best thing, especially during the pandemic where countries are looking for secure printing solutions for vaccination certificates. “There is also a pressing need for high quality packaging printing for vaccine labels, pharmaceutical inserts, etc. Goebel is specialised in security printing,” he added.