Virat Graphics (Marshal Graphics) invests in EFI

Pune-based Virat Graphics (Marshal Graphics) has invested in an EFI Pro 32r+. The machine was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

22 Mar 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

The EFI Pro 32r+ at Virat Graphics

Machindra, director of Virat Graphics said that EFI was always a dream project and he was happy to see it executed. 

He added, “The capabilities and transformative features of the EFI Pro 32r+ have helped us embark upon our journey of speed, precision, and creativity with unparalleled printing capabilities, versatile applications, and innovative features that promise to elevate our business to new heights.”

Sam Patel, CEO and MD at Arrow Digital said, “The EFI Pro 32r+ stands as a transformative force in the printing domain, featuring an impressive 3.2-m maximum print width and achieving a remarkable 2756-ft²/hr in productivity. Conceived with the guiding principle of Grow, profit change the game, this 3.2-m roll-to-roll LED printer is poised to redefine Virat Graphics (Marshal Graphics)’s positioning within the industry.”

Machindra said this installation significantly augments our capacity and broadens our application spectrum with the Pro 32r+. “We now possess the capabilities to venture into white, textiles, and double-sided printing across a diverse array of substrates, all while benefiting from lower operational costs attributable to enhanced ink consumption efficiency and reduced power bills,” he added.

The Pro 32r+ employs Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology featuring 7pL UltraDrop technology, achieving high-quality imaging and meeting the industry's rigorous standards. The incorporation of leading LED technology extends the range of supported substrates, reduces operating costs, and aligns with sustainable production practices, contributing to lower VOC emissions, energy efficiency, and reduced waste and consumables. The noteworthy EFI SuperRange UV LED inks are Impressive with its wide colour gamut, and excellent adhesion properties and these inks are ideal for diverse materials and printing applications. Backed by the industry-leading 3M MCS warranty, they instil added assurance for our high-end customers.

The inclusion of white inks further enhances the printer's capabilities, introducing versatile white print modes and an automatic blockout printing system. This not only expands application possibilities and profits but facilitates decorative applications and design options. Its advanced circulation system ensures instant uptime for white printheads, while multiple white print modes unlock premium options like window graphics, day and night backlit graphics, indoor signage, and beyond. Virat Graphics (Marshal Graphics) is poised to redefine its print quality and efficiency within a seamless workflow.

The EFI Pro 32r+ is a powerhouse with value-added features, including an integrated mesh kit, a wrinkle analyzer, backlit proofing lights, and advanced software settings — all designed to enhance productivity and profitability. Its dual roll split shaft ensures perfectly aligned double-sided backlit printing, improving media handling and print quality. This also prevents printhead strikes caused by media wrinkles, resulting in significant time and cost savings while optimising the use of more budget-friendly media.