Vijayneha growing with W&H

Hyderabad-based Vijayneha Polymers has been challenging its own production records in the recent past, and has now finally achieved a record production of 14-million metres in a month with a Heliostar II S from Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H).

01 Jul 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Vijayneha Polymers team with the machine

According to the company, the Heliostar printing press has not only upheld Vijayneha’s standing as a provider of high-quality printing and packaging solutions but also has helped the company move a step further in their growth story. 

Vijayneha Polymers has been consistently producing over 2500 MT per month of laminates within a few years of operation. Driven by ambition and powered by hard work, today, Vijayneha is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of packaging material in India. The company serves many leading multinational companies. In the recent part, it has expanded its production capacity and will now be producing 3500 MT of a variety of packaging material/ laminate/ sustainability packaging materials. 

The machine’s ability to deliver results even at high speeds, the state-of-the-art automation and integration capabilities along with precise quality monitoring systems served as a backbone to achieve this target. All of this, in combination, facilitates in printing high deckle size (1,300-mm) giving excellent print registration results in addition to high-speed operation at 500-mpm.

Shiv Kumar Gupta of Vijayneha Polymers said, “The press is the workhorse of the plant. It has been performing consistently since the first day of installation in 2018 - 2019. The Heliostar II is vouched for its lowest production cost in the industry when it comes to printing and the same has been proven in Vijayneha.”

W&H is known for its top-notch machine-build quality. The Heliostar II S is one such example. Gupta said some of the machine’s features, such as its precise register control system, the machine integration, the Vision system, the efficient ink management system, and most importantly its 3 o’clock inking roller system, have helped us in achieving consistent production speed. Even the most complicated and demanding designs on critical films like 12 to 15-microns BOPP, 10 to 11-micron met BOPP are printed day in and day out at 500-m/min. 

“The small printing defects, which are common on Indian and Chinese machines, are not seen on the Heliostar. This has made the job rejections nearly zero. We are proud of making history in Vijayneha’s flexible packaging unit by achieving the highest production in a month,” he added. 

W&H has designed the Heliostar II for widths between 800 and 1,600-mm with higher outputs in the range of upto 600-m/min. Equipped for Packaging 4.0, the latest Heliostar II is known for its operator friendliness, superior print quality, and shorter changeover times.

Anuj Sahni, director, sales and marketing, W&H India, said, “It is a matter of pride for us to partner Vijayneha Polymers in its growth story. On behalf of the whole W&H family. The Heliostar is one of the most loved machines among the printing portfolio of W&H and it has once again proved its worth. It makes most efficient use of substrates, inks and energy, thereby lowering production costs.”