View Tek Sign Media scripts growth story with Ricoh

View Tek Sign Media is printing business in the suburban area of Kochi, Kerala. Through the strategic installation of Ricoh printers by Minosha India nearly 12 years ago, View Tek Sign Media has experienced exceptional growth, expanding its customer base and increasing productivity.

15 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Sageer, proprietor, View Tek Sign Media

Owned by Sageer, View Tek  Sign Media has been in the printing business for 26 years. The business, located in the north suburb of Kochi, Kerala, initially partnered with Minosha India Limited to install Ricoh printers, a decision that has proven to be a catalyst for their remarkable journey.

Equipped with Ricoh Pro C7200x, the skilled team at View Tek Sign Media received comprehensive training from Minosha in operating the Ricoh production printer. The seamless integration of Ricoh machines into their workflow, coupled with the exceptional customer support provided by Minosha, has been instrumental in the sustained success of View Tek Sign Media.

The Ricoh machines, renowned for their superior print quality and efficient performance, have not only met but exceeded the expectations of View Tek Sign Media. The increased demand and productivity, as well as the ability to offer longer print sizes, have resulted in growth for the small printing business. This has translated into higher customer satisfaction and enabled View Tek Sign Media to attract clients not only from the immediate vicinity but also from surrounding areas.

One of the key factors – superior quality with the special colour setting it apart from competitors contributing to the success of Ricoh in small businesses like View Tek Sign Media is the cost-effectiveness per copy and the superior print quality that sets it apart from competitors. By choosing Ricoh, View Tek Sign Media has positioned itself as a step ahead in the competitive printing industry.

Minosha India is committed to empowering small business units with cutting-edge solutions, and the success story of View Tek Sign Media stands as a testament to the transformative impact of Ricoh products in the Indian printing landscape.