Valco Melton highlights gluing system at PackPlus

Bengaluru-based Valco Melton Engineering India has participated in many PackPlus shows, but this is the first tradeshow in which the company has participated after the Covid-19 pandemic.

09 Oct 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

Kiran ( r): EcoStitch gluing system saves adhesive usage of up to 70%

“We were a bit doubtful at the time when Covid-19 struck, but we developed a new virtual work culture to deliver support to our customer. As far as the markets are concerned, of course, some segments are not doing as expected but that has been covered by other fast growing segments like e-Commerce,” said Ravi Kiran, director at Valco Melton.

At the PackPlus South and PrintFair 2021, Valco Melton is showcasing its EcoStitch All-Electric hotmelt glueing system and folding carton gluing system. “The EcoStitch is a revolutionary hot melt technology ,which saves adhesive usage up to 70%. There are no dynamic seals inside the gun. It does not require many spares, which eliminates maintenance. The life of the applicator is far higher than any other hot melt applicators in the industry.” said Kiran.

Participating soon after Covid-19, Kiran said his company wanted to gauge how the industry would react to a trade show held in a physical mode – whether the print converters and allied industries personnel would step out and attend the show. “The response has been so great. We saw a very good flow of visitors every single day of the trade show. It is proof that the industry is active and opportunities for new product sales and new projects,” said Kiran.

Speaking to PrintWeek about significant improvement Valco Melton has made in its technology, Kiran said that his company is always always a head of innovation and bringing new products to the market. “We have solutions that work with any substrate. We have introduced a vision inspection system to eliminate bad products and help customers to ship only the perfect products to their end users.”

What’s Kiran’s advice on automation? It is the only way to achieve quality with speed, he said. For example, how can someone inspect a carton box in a high-speed line to check the quality of gluing, folding, printing, and reading of various codes? “Our technology and vision camera systems can inspect at very high speed, eliminating the bad product. So the customers can review the report and identify the root cause of the problem to fix it permanently, by the time, customers also get the fine quality product,” concluded Kiran.