Upadhayay Colour Copier gets MGI Jetvarnish

Lucknow-based Upadhayay Colour Copier has recently invested in a MGI Jetvarnish 3D One and an Accurioshine 101. On getting the MGI Jetvarnish 3D One, Pawan Upadhayay, managing director, Upadhayay Colour Copier, said, “We wanted to have in-house speciality applications apart from CMYK print services.”

08 Apr 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Pawan Upadhayay, managing director, Upadhayay Colour Copier with the new machine

He added that the machine will usher in a new technology to the UP market, as there was no digital embellishment machine earlier in Uttar Pradesh. Customers always got their digital embellishment job work done from Delhi and Mumbai. He added, “Earlier, MGI digital embellishment was an unknown technology among the freelancers and end-users in Uttar Pradesh. With this installation, they are now aware about the technology. The MGI 3Done will help us grow our business. We intend to set a benchmark for digital embellishment in the UP print market in the next six months.

Upadhayay said after the installation, Konica Minolta provided a week-long training and education support to the machine operators.

“The machine is very user-friendly. The support from Konica Minolta on technical understanding of the finer details has enabled us to quickly adapt to the new technology,” he added.

Along with this, the company has also installed an AccurioShine 101 offline foiling machine.

Started 20 years back with a copier machine, Upadhayay Colour Copier has been innovating its production process with new technology addition. As a printing service provider, its principal clientele are the freelancers. “Book publishers, offset printers, end corporate customers and designers are our clients,” he said.

The 1,000-sqft facility of Upadhayay Colour Copier houses three three digital print engines, a plotter device of Epson, a Polar cutting machine, thermal lamination machine and binding machines, among others. 

The company employs 10 people. Upadhayay said the company regularly updates the technical skill sets of its employees on a periodic basis.

Upadhayay said the company has experienced extra workload for short-run digital embellishment after installing the MGI equipment. It is now planning to hire new staff to start a second shift.

For the future, he said the company will focus on its customer services, and would like to build a business with end corporates with the help from the Konica Minolta business development team.