United Caps to display 127 SAFE-TE at Dairy Asia Pacific Summit

Luxembourg-based manufacturer of caps and closures, United Caps, will highlight 127 SAFE-TE, a product to ensure baby food safety and convenience, at Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2019, scheduled for 21 to 22 November 2019 in Singapore.

13 Nov 2019 | By Dinesh Ingawale

United Caps' Kulim plant

Benoit Henckes, CEO of United Caps, said, “With 127 SAFE-TE, we have taken our popular Protecscoop infant nutrition closure family to a new level.  127 SAFE-TE was engineered specifically for Asia, where there are elevated concerns about product purity, a need for effective anti-counterfeiting solutions and a demand for a more premium look.”

The company has developed 127 SAFE-TE specifically to meet the needs of the Asian market. According to the cap and closures specialists, the product comprises of security features and a premium gold colour offering.

“127 SAFE-TE continues to provide popular Protecscoop features – ease of preparation, scoop hygiene and more – while adding a truly unique tamper-evident feature. At the same time, it only requires very minor changes to existing capping/filling lines, important for infant nutrition manufacturers, for whom extensive changes can be very expensive and time consuming,” he added.

For brands to implement the 127 SAFE-TE in its lines, there are minor or negligible changes required to their existing set-up, claimed the company. 127 SAFE-TE is currently available in 127mm size, and a 99mm solution is in the pipeline, said a company press note.


The production of 127 SAFE-TE for the Asian market will begin in the company’s brand-new factory in Kulim, Malaysia, in September 2020.

The company has recently reached its 80th anniversary milestone in 2019. “Our long heritage in continued success in this business is a powerful endorsement of the level of knowledge and expertise we have been able to accumulate over the years. Our legacy is one of progress, but we are certainly not resting on our laurels. We are looking ahead to continued and significant innovation during our next 80 years, with a platform designed to continue our growth and progression. We are excited about what comes next,” said Henckes.

127 SAFE-TE will be featured in the company’s stand in Booth F at the show, along with a broad range of caps and closures for other product types. 

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