United Caps announces sustainability week

United Caps, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, has announced a brand-new series of online webinars, Sustainability Week: Every Cap Matters. The sessions, scheduled for 11, 12 and 13 January 2022, are designed to provide useful information based on our own innovation that can be applied to customer businesses of all types. Seminars are structured to make it easy for participants to conveniently schedule attendance at the sessions of most interest to them.

07 Jan 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

“At United Caps, we have a long heritage of acting ethically, creating products responsibility, maintaining respectful workplaces, investing in communities and being good stewards of the environment,” said Benoit Henckes, CEO of United Caps. “Along the way, we have learned a great deal about measuring and managing our carbon footprint, including innovative ways to create more sustainable caps and closures. In this session, we move beyond talking about sustainability in the abstract and demonstrate to attendees that the market for more sustainable product packaging is here, it is growing, and the time for all of us to ensure we are making sustainable decisions is now. We will offer concrete suggestions as to how we can help reduce the overall carbon footprint of product packaging through the use of innovative approaches to manufacturing, including the use of ISCC Plus certified resins that enable us to make outstanding closures from recycled plastics.”

The sessions will feature an in-depth and engaging agenda presented by experts, including:

United We Stand For Sustainable Growth: Everything you ever wanted to know about sustainability but were afraid to ask. In this session we will explain key terms, concepts and issues around packaging sustainability.

What The Consumer Really Thinks About Sustainable Packaging. Are you missing an opportunity? How are consumers behaving? What do they understand and does sustainability drive purchasing behaviour? We examine the evidence and share our conclusions.

During the webinar, the company will showcase the tools it has to impact sustainability, how they appear within its product range and can help brands be more sustainable. This will offer attendees actionable ideas they can take back to their organisations.

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