Unidos boosts efficiency with Zund cutting table

Unidos Insta Print, the designer and manufacturer of POP and POS displays, has achieved shorter timelines for its projects with the help of its second Zund cutting table.

20 Aug 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Gujral: “The second Zund has doubled our cut conversion capacity”

New Delhi-based Unidos Insta Print installed its second Zund digital cutting table – Zund S3- M800 – which was imported in November 2019 at its facility in Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi. Since then, the company “effectively doubled our throughput while maintaining the same quality and can now deliver projects in shorter timelines”. Soham Gujral, inventor at Unidos Insta Print, says that the new kit is “fully compatible with our existing Zund G3 machine, which was installed in May 2018, and our existing tooling and software”.

Gujral says Unidos Insta Print was established in 2001 to serve diverse POP print buyers. He explains that the POP/POSM market is specialised, multi-substratedriven and very niche, requiring specific development skills and machines. Speaking about machines, apart from the two kits from Zund, the company owns a raft of digital cutting, printing and finishing equipment from the likes of Zund,Roland, HP, Epson, Kaiser, Eizo and others. “Our ancillary machineries such as air compressors and power backup systems are also from trusted or imported brands, allowing us to minimise our downtimes and run at peak efficiency at all times,” says Gujral. The company specialises in manufacturing POSM and promotional displays such as floor standing product displays, counter-top displays, wall hanging units, product display islands, foldable standees amongst others. Unidos works across a large array of substrates including MDF, metal, PVC, kraft corrugated, flute PP sheets, acrylics, and more.

Most recently, the company also announced its plans to switch to eco-friendly and recyclable options for the materials used in its products. “Our new acquisition is the Zund S3 digital cutting table. This machine perfectly complements our earlier acquisition of the Zund G3 cutting/routing table. This acquisition has doubled our cut conversion capacity,” says Gujral. “Zund’s performance, accuracy and reliability is truly unmatched in the industry,” he adds. “We were extremely satisfied with the performance of our first Zund machine, so we decided to go with Zund a second time to double our capacity.”

Speaking about what prompted the investment, Gujral explains that the Zund Swiss cutting solutions are “state-of-the-art, industry- leading and reliable products”. “It was natural for us to add this Zund S3 to our facility to complement our Zund G3 series,” he adds. Added to that, “the Zund Swiss lineage is unmatched in its engineering, accuracy and extremely long life service”, according to Gujral. “Extensive tutorial content is available to us online and offline. Also, cheaper cutting solutions are no match to what we offer,” he adds.

Gujral is all praise about the service support from Zund: “Zund’s global service support is unmatched. We are extremely satisfied and confident of our setup.” He says that his team at Unidos love to brainstorm and come up with innovative creations. “Everyone in our team is encouraged to spend time in R&D and bring fresh ideas to the table. We constantly experiment with new substrates, machines and processes,” he claims. Gujral is also very positive about the future prospects of his company. “We see accelerated growth in the coming year – 2022 – and onwards from our large and expanding client base in India and abroad,” he concludes.