Uflex launches solvent-less white adhesive for print convertors

Noida-based Uflex’s chemical division has launched a general-to-medium performance 2K solvent-less PU adhesive Flexbon 901A/901W. It is expected to reduce the application cost and also lower the use of white inks.

14 May 2018 | By Sujith Ail

The solvent-less white adhesive works well on existing solvent-less lamination machines and will reduce the requirement of white ink coating on printed substrates, thereby giving substantial savings to converters.

This product claims to have good opacity and wettability on metallised substrates. The adhesive can be used for low-temperature applications of the range 30 to 45 degree Celsius and has a fast decay of primary aromatic amine.

Talking about the new product, Rajesh Bhasin, joint president, Uflex Chemicals said, “This innovative and valued development substantially enhances our solvent-less adhesive portfolio. Given the myriad benefits that this adhesive brings for the convertors, we will market it globally. The demand is encouraging already.”

The chemicals business of Uflex provides adhesives, printing inks and coatings for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

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