Uflex launches laminating adhesive for flexible packaging

The chemicals business of Noida-based Uflex has unveiled a general performance 2K solvent-based PU laminating adhesive under its brand Flexbon for food packaging and general applications. The chemicals business of Uflex is a leading provider of adhesives, printing inks and coatings for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

23 Apr 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Reducing the use of solvents is the prime driver behind creating this product. The product was launched commercially at its production unit in Noida.

Flexbon 162R/162 is a general performance solvent-based product and can be used at higher application solids of between 45% and 50%. This is possible due to lower viscosity, which in turn allows reduced solvent consumption. This results in overall reduction in the cost of laminate and makes it more environment-friendly. It also has good wettability and solvent release during lamination; it offers good adhesion on all metallised and non-metallised films and is easy to handle.

Owing to its great potential globally, the chemicals business of Uflex plans to target both domestic and international markets with this offering.

Uflex’s chemicals business is a leading supplier of inks, adhesives and speciality coatings and is among the top 20 global ink producers. The business operates through two plants based in Noida and Jammu and caters to a wide array of Indian and International clients.

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