UFlex invests in Kodak Flexcel to drive expansion

UFlex has invested in a Kodak Flexcel NX 4260 System from Miraclon. Installed at its Noida factory, the company is utilising the Flexcel technology to drive its business growth and sustainability efforts, and to respond to a growing demand for Flexcel NX plates from other trade shops and converters.

11 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Parwez Izhar, CEO, cylinders business, Uflex

Parwez Izhar, CEO, cylinders business, Uflex, said, “For our in-house packaging printing, Flexcel NX plates enable us to convert an increasing number of jobs from gravure to flexo; underscoring our commitment to produce sustainable flexible packaging without impacting on quality. We also expect to see additional benefit from quicker makeready times and minimising wastage by coming to colour quicker.”

He added that the “simple but robust technology portfolio from Miraclon is another big advantage. With Flexcel NX plates, we are able to optimise inventory management and can concentrate on all the different benefits we can achieve with one plate instead of having to use different plates for different jobs.”

The company’s platemaking division also supplies to trade shops and other converters in the region. Izhar concludes, “Many of the companies we supply plates to have been requesting Flexcel NX plates to help them realise better on-press efficiency without impacting the quality of print produced — it’s really been established as the technology of choice for wide web flexible packaging printers. With our own Flexcel NX System up and running we can meet that demand and demonstrate its benefits to other customers too. A win-win for everyone.”