Uflex demonstrates high-end co-extrusion laminator

Uflex has launched a co-extrusion coating and lamination machine with auto-splicing on unwinder and the rewinder and automatic gauge control for the thickness of the coating.

10 Feb 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The salient feature of the Uflex machine is the feed block that enables the convertor to alter polymeric combination for the three-layered extrudate dropping.

Ajay Tandon, president and CEO, engineering business, Uflex explained, “The feedblock offers flexibility by enabling different combinations of co-polymers to suit the customer requirements in terms of better bond strength and barrier properties. In order to get better bond strength one could use acid co-polymers on the two side layers and low-cost additive in the central layer.”

Uflex first developed a co-extrusion laminator with the attainable speed of 250 mpm and then with a speed of 300 mpm that it is demonstrating at PlastIndia. “In the times to come we shall enhance the speed to 350 mpm and subsequently graduate to 400 mpm,” said Tandon.

In the development of this machine, Uflex has got on board Uwe Fidersek from Germany as an advisor. Fidersek has over 35 years of experience in designing and running extrusion lamination machines.

Fidersek said, “The other salient feature of the machine is that it is equipped with motorised back pressure adjustment that can be controlled with the push of a button from the main console. It is used to maintain the homogeneity of the extrudate.”

Ufelx expects to sell at least 6-8 machines in the coming year for this application. 

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