UFlex closes Jan-March quarter with series of new offerings

UFlex unveiled its range of value-added, sustainable products and solutions that are set to rewrite the packaging story for brands and converters in this competitive landscape. The company shared the new launches made during January to March 2022 while announcing its quarterly and annual results closing on 31 March 2022.

06 Jun 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Flexpress 10000 servo-control liquid-filling machine for aseptic liquid packaging

These developments are a result of UFlex’ focus on understanding the pain points of brands, analysing the desired user experience they want to deliver while simultaneously helping them step closer to their sustainability goals, especially with new EPR guidelines being announced in India and other countries. 

Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director, UFlex, said, “What excites me most about the year ahead is the opportunities that will originate from the much talked about new Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2022 in India, and our readiness to embrace them. As a socially responsible organisation that has been leading the way in sustainable solutions, we are setting-up India’s first U-shaped paper straw line for aseptic carton packs at our Sanand plant, which is already gaining traction from many beverage brands considering the impending ban on single use plastic. With our extensive R&D strength and innovative spirit, we are deep into creating future-ready solutions in plastic packaging for our clientele, including advanced biodegradable solutions, so that we can together step closer towards a sustainable tomorrow.”

In the quarter, UFlex steered the path of innovation by bringing a host of products and solutions that makes a good combination of sustainability and value-addition.

Flexcoat Aquaban coating for corrugated boxes: With a large number of fresh fruits with extended shelf-life hitting the retail shelves, the need for strong and sturdy corrugated packaging boxes, which can hold the packed contents safe, has gained impetus. The Flexcoat Aquaban, a water-repellent coating for kraft paper is used as an inner liner on corrugated boxes which helps maintain the structural integrity of corrugated shipping boxes in transit movement and stands good even during extreme weather conditions to preserve perishable goods. 

Flexcure HFS over printable coating for labelling applications: Finding that perfect finish coating that complements with both wet and dry UV inks has always concerned convertors and brands.  FLEXCURE HFS, a free radical chemistry based UV gloss varnish is the answer for in-line and off-line applications and offers the possibility of hot foil stamping over printable & good scuff resistance properties on glossy areas of texture pattern. This premium over-printable coating has been specifically formulated to be applied in-line over wet or dry UV inks and is suitable for fast curing for full or flat overprint coating of all types of printed papers, boards of mono-cartons, other packaging materials, and for various types of labels used in the labelling industry. 

Flexpress 10000 servo-control liquid-filling machine for aseptic liquid packaging: With the demand for packaged beverages burgeoning, the need for fast movement of supply chain operations including quick production has become non-negotiable. To meet this demand, UFlex has developed a servo-powered liquid filling machine — Flexpress 10000 — which has the capacity to pack 10,000 aseptic liquid packs in an hour. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly HMI-integrated with an advanced programmable logic controller system that facilitates easy operations. 

Three-layered PET/PE packaging format with registered window lamination: Sugar is a frequently consumed item in every household that has quite a few bands selling it. However, what matters most to the consumers is the quality and clarity of sugar which if possible to be easily viewed through the pack, makes the purchase that much easier. Taking note of this, the flexible packaging business of UFlex has developed a three-layered PET/PE packaging structure for 1-kg and 5-kg quantity for Triveni Engineering with a registered window metallisation that allows buyers to be confident of the premium quality of packed sugar. 

Stand-up 3D pouch with registered window and press-to-close feature for ready-to-eat seafood packaging: For fresh food, especially perishables like seafood, visibility of the product along with a strong and sturdy packaging that retains seafood’s freshness is important for the consumers. For the brand Sailor’s Choice, UFlex has developed a 3D standing pouch made from the goodness of PE and PE-NAT to pack cooked frozen prawns. The pack that comes with a see-through registered window allows customers to have a clear view of the seafood even in the deep-freezer of the stores. 

Sparkle glitter-effect film for decorative applications: In a quest to grab consumers’ attention, luxury brands are always on the lookout for eye-catchy solutions that enhance the appeal of their products. To fill this gap, UFlex has developed a sparkle glitter-effect film that provides a high glitter yet matted effect on multiple surfaces. It is used in an array of applications such as premium carry bags laminated with non-woven fabrics, gift-wraps, luxury gift boxes, textile laces, photo lamination, etc. 

Superior oxygen and moisture-barrier transparent BOPP film: Food packaging requires a strong packaging structure that protects the content from a lot of extraneous factors that could spoil the product. Responding to the packaging requirements of food brands, especially ones that need to pack dry powders like instant soup, masalas, etc, UFlex has developed B-TEM, a high barrier BOPP film that provides an excellent oxygen barrier of 0.3 cc/m2 /day, high moisture barrier resistance of 3.5 gm/m2 /day and an outstanding WVTR of 1.6gm/ m2 /day in duplex structure making it a much improved and higher barrier version of the previous avatar of the film. This mono-material film developed with coating on one side and corona treatment on the other side stands high on sustainability quotient due to it being recyclable. It is suitable for sandwich application and surface printing, especially for matte varnish, and offers reverse printing with BOPP and CPP grades.

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