Uflex bags seven SIES SOP Star awards

Uflex was honoured with seven awards at the SIES SOP Star Awards 2018 for its packaging innovation and product development.

10 Jan 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Amitava Ray, executive director, Uflex, said, “I heartily thank the jury of SIES SOP Star Awards for recognising the efforts of Uflex in today’s packaging world.”

Uflex bagged six awards in the flexible packaging category, judged on the basis of innovation, creativity and development and one award again in the flexible packaging category which was judged on the basis of printing, graphics and aesthetics.

Ray, said, “Packaging is an integrated component of any system besides being an essential input in its distribution and marketing management. Packaging, considered a luxury till recently, has now gained recognition as a need of the industry, country and the society.” 

The award-winning products included Beach Magic – high-barrier tube for sunblock lotion, Forest Essential shampoo – premium matte finish with hot stamping, and Rasna fruit juice concentrate – shaped profile pouch with spout and handle, among others.

The Beach Magic is made up of a flexible tube, with high graphics reproduction in a matte surface, which enables it to have premium aesthetics along with sharp images.

“These awards serve as a testament towards the value-added differentiation that we create for each of our customers and will keep motivating us to do even better,” Ray added.

The seven award-winning products

  1. Beach Magic – High barrier tube for sunblock lotion
  2. Forest Essential shampoo – Premium matte finish with hot stamping
  3. Oshea Herbals – Premium tube for personal product
  4. Rasna fruit juice concentrate – Shaped profile pouch with spout and handle
  5. Teenager Bra – Inner garment packaging with anti-counterfeit feature
  6. Richie Plus Ajwain – Metallic effect in the two-ply transparent laminate
  7. Cimmo Petrochem Carbon Black – Block bottom valve bag