Two Sides reports on the latest consumer attitudes

The Trend Tracker Survey 2023, carried out by Two Sides Europe, quizzed more than 10,000 consumers in 16 countries – spanning Europe and also the USA, South America and South Africa. “Results of the 2023 survey show that progressively more consumers believe paper-based packaging is better for the environment than all other packaging materials,” Two Sides stated.

03 Jul 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Paper/cardboard was positioned best for factors such as ease of recycling

Awareness of the environmental impacts of different packaging materials was also increasing.

The survey found that out of 15 different packaging material attributes, paper/cardboard came out top for ten.

The other materials surveyed were plastic, glass and metal.

“Paper/cardboard was positioned best for environmental factors like home compostable (76%), better for the environment (55%) and easier to recycle (49%).”

According to Eurostat figures from 2020, in Europe, paper packaging has the highest recycling rate among packaging materials at 82%, ahead of glass and metal both at 76%, with plastic at just 38%.

The survey also found that – perhaps surprisingly – 39% of consumers believe governments and local authorities were most responsible regarding the need to reduce single-use, non-recyclable packaging.

“This is a big change in consumer thinking compared to 2021, when they ranked the individual (your personal choices), as the most responsible at 33%.”

The executive summary of the survey is available this month, while the full report and complete survey data will be available free of charge for Two Sides members.

The biennial survey is carried out in order to understand changing consumer preferences, perceptions and attitudes towards print, paper, paper-based packaging, and tissue products, “revealing challenges and opportunities for the industry”.


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