True Elements bags Clean Label certification

True Elements is now said to be India’s first food brand to be globally recognised as Clean Label and ‘100% Whole Grain’ certified

16 Oct 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

(l-r) Sreejith Moolayi and Puru Gupta, co-founders, True Elements

True Elements, one of India's leading healthy breakfast and snacks start-up brands, has bagged the Clean Label certification on 8 October 2021 and is said to be the only Indian food brand that is double certified as Clean Label and 100% Whole Grain by global organisations.

True Elements was certified Clean Label by the Clean Label Project, US. Anchored on the promise of providing “food that does not lie to you”, the certification “is a testament to the brand’s commitment to consumer health and delivering taste without any ingredient-driven compromises or adulteration”, the company stated in a press note shared with WhatPackaging?.

With the new certification, according to True Elements, it becomes the only Indian food brand to be globally recognised as both Clean Label and ‘100% Wholegrain’. The accreditations are awarded by US-based non-profit organisations, Clean Label Project and Whole Grains Council respectively, who are known for raising the bar globally on food nutrition, food safety and driving consumer transparency.

“These stamps of credibility provide fact-based reassurance to consumers and are a testament to the brand’s philosophy of creating a world where promises and claims aren’t made up of lies or jargon and where 100% of its taste is achieved with 0% chemicals, 0% preservatives and 0% added sugar,” the company stated.

Clean Label Project tests rigorously for over 130 harmful contaminants including pesticides, antibiotics and heavy metals. This certification allows True Elements to be a part of the solution that addresses the growing consumer concerns around industrial and environmental contaminants and toxins in packaged food.

Speaking about the double certification, Puru Gupta, co-founder and CEO at True Elements said, “We are very proud to be India’s first food brand that is recognised across two pillars of True – Clean Label as well as 100% Whole Grain. At True Elements, our brand growth predominantly has been built on the back of innovative clean and nutritious product offerings and these certifications are proof of that.”

True Elements team

Sreejith Moolayil, co-founder and COO at True Elements said, “With these certifications, we at True Elements are proud that our commitment of quality promised is validated by scientific testing. With these international approvals, our consumers can be doubly sure that our products are 100 % clean”.

True Elements is driven by providing “true nutrition” (achieved with minimum tinkering to retain maximum ingredient goodness) with “true transparency” (driving 100% authenticity by providing proofs for all claims, sharing minutest ingredient details with consumers and de-jargonising packaging labels) and “true sustainability” (consciously caring for our planet by recycling plastic and offering plastic-free-packaging options amongst others).

True Elements offers a variety of healthy breakfast and snack options ranging from breakfast cereals, oats, granola, muesli, flakes, seed mixes, on-the-go snacks, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat offerings.

“With an annualised run rate of Rs 70 crore (as of June 2021) and one of the first brands to effectively reduce the carbon footprint of their products, True Elements is re-charting the ethos of home-grown food businesses and of being responsible, sustainable, and conscious start-up,” the company statement concluded.

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