Trim Pack to fulfill plastic packaging needs with new Bobst folder-gluer

Mumbai-based specialist in converting plastics, Trim Pack has geared up to meet new market challenges by strengthening its finishing capabilities.

18 Nov 2019 | By Noel D'Cunha

Pranay: We installed the Bobst kit to increase production

Trim Pack specialises in PVC/PP/PET-based cartons producing applications for FMCG, household and cosmetic products, and produces these products at its 28,000 sqft plant in Daman.

The company, which installed a Bobst Ambition 76A1 folder-gluer early this year, has now put the kit into production mode.

The Bobst machine is equipped with a plastic kit comprising leather belts to abstain from scratches, anti-static kit at the feeder, and speciality sensors to process transparent substrate like plastics. It can run at a speed of 300 m/min and produce straight line carton with an open width from 76mm to 760mm. For crash lock-bottom carton the width ranges from 146mm to 760mm.

“We installed the Bobst machine to increase production as well as produce PET packaging with crash lock-bottom cartons,” said Pranay Bhargava, director at Trim Pack. He added, “Plastic is a sensitive material. A small amount of scratch can render the whole sheet unusable. What Bobst was providing was a special machine.”

Trim Pack was started 20 years ago by Bhargava’s father Sunil Bhargava, with a two-colour press and a few manual punching machines. Bhargava joined the company in 2012. Three years ago, the company installed a pre-owned Heidelberg five-colour press customised for UV printing on plastic.  Besides, the company has die-cutting machines and three folder-gluing machines, two of them from China. The company produces around one-lakh cartons daily.

Initially, the company started with producing PVC cartons, but around 12 years ago, it started producing PP boxes. “Though we moved to PP as an alternative, our PVC production was not affected However, in the last few years, our PP production has overtaken the PVC. We are hoping to do that with PET, and eventually, replace PVC with PET.”

According to Bhargava, the demand for PET is growing, and is coming from customers who are concerned about visibility and want products, when packed, to be clearly seen with a glossy feel to it. 

Suraj Sharma, regional sales manager for West India at Bobst, said, “Bobst folder gluer Ambition 76A1 gives reliability and confidence to Trim Pack to process a substrate such as plastic with proper finishing and quality.”

Currently, Trim Pack converts around 70 tonnes of plastic per month, which includes PP and PVC, and around two tonnes of PET. “After training, and our own R&D, we are now ready to produce more PET boxes and take the total converting to 10 tonnes a month,” concluded Bhargava.

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