Trigon installs India's first HP Indigo 200K

HP Indigo has announced the installation of its first Indigo 200K at Mumbai-based Trigon Digipack (formerly known as Trigon Digital). Trigon was the first in India to install the Indigo 25K. With the 200k install, Trigon has three HP Indigo presses on its shop floor.

04 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Team Trigon (l-r) Deshpande, Anushka, Isha and Namudade

The new Series 5 platform HP Indigo 200K digital press can print up to 56-m/min (183-ft/min). It is specifically designed to increase the productivity of short, flexible digital packaging runs, allowing delivery in days. The press is tailored to help digital flexible converters enhance productivity, enable on-demand delivery with no minimum orders, reduce energy consumption, and minimise waste.

Aptly, Trigon excels in delivering small to medium quantities of high-quality pouches, shrink sleeves, labels, in-mould labelling (IML), composite canisters, and rigid boxes with remarkable efficiency. The company serves clients across India, the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Talking to PrintWeek from Mumbai, Anil Namugade, director of Trigon, who celebrated his birthday on 3 June in Dusseldorf, stated that the company's future success relies on our ability to identify the strategies that will support growth. "Evaluating technology and making bold investments require substantial effort and profound understanding." 

Namugade also highlighted the importance of deeply understanding a company's business direction, market potential, customer needs, available resources, strengths, and capabilities. "Having complete visibility into these aspects helped Trigon make courageous decisions regarding significant investments."

According to HP, the Indigo 200K digital press is food packaging compliant. It achieves a 30% increase in speed and a 45% boost in productivity compared to the HP Indigo 25K operating at Trigon's Mumbai plant.

Besides Namugade, the 15-year-old Trigon is managed by fellow director Milind Deshpande. The second generation of the Namugade and Deshpande families has entered the business. Namagude's daughter, Anushka, spearheads our digital marketing efforts, while Isha, Deshpande's daughter, leads Trigon's business in North India.

When asked why HP again, Namugade said, "Catering to the existing customers' demands with the same technology was our preference. We have planned our next investment strategy to help us build different business verticals."

So, what is the profitability outlook? Namugade said that's seen in its balance sheet – EBIDTA. "Trigon has crossed the turnover of Rs 100 crore this financial year. However, the print engine alone does not decide profitability. The organisation's entire ecosystem contributes to building good profitability for any company."

Trigon has two facilities in Mumbai, which are at par with the best in the world, and it has a team of 120 skilled employees.