TRA Research: Lockdown 3.0 perceptions

TRA Research, a consumer insights and brand analytics company, on 29 May released its second consumer insights whitepaper titled TRA’s Coronavirus Consumer Insights – 2, based on a research across 16 cities across 902 citizens.

03 Jun 2020 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The survey is a follow-up of the earlier version issued in April 2020 and looks at citizen’s perceptions on lockdown, health and economic worry indices, trust in India’s ability to recover from the health and economic crisis, among others factors.

Speaking about the findings in the whitepaper, N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, said, “Weariness grows with time, and good decisions can seem bad in extreme cases like this lockdown. However, contrarily, barring a few cities, the general consensus about the decision effectiveness from lockdown 1.0 to lockdown 3.0 only seems to have risen. The few cities which had a poorer perception of the decision effectiveness in lockdown 3.0 are Hyderabad and Coimbatore.

Considering the lockdown implementation effectiveness difference between lockdown 1.0 and lockdown 3.0, nine of the sixteen cities had a significant lowering on the effectiveness index. The only cities which showed any significant increase on the implementation effectiveness were Chennai (up 28%), Cochin (up 22%) and Nagpur (up 17%).

“It is counter-intuitive that there is no correlation found between the number of confirmed cases and the health and economic worry indices. In fact, though western India has the highest number of confirmed cases per million, the worry indices in this region are not very much different than the rest of the country. Specifically, Amhedabad and Indore demonstrate comparatively lower worry as compared to the Covid-19 incidence rate in the cities,” he added.

The band of worry index across cities is in the ‘high’ to ‘extremely high’ range on both counts, with health worry ranging between 62% to 68%, and economic worry ranging between 61% and 73%. Mumbai displays the highest worry on both counts (health worry index at 67% and economy worry index at 73%) with average worry at 70%. Delhi displays the lowest average worry index at 64% (health worry index at 67% and economy worry index at 61%).