TPC packaging opens second plant in Navi Mumbai

TPC Packaging, subsidiary of Global Cold Chain Solutions Australia, has opened its second factory in Mumbai to support Covid-19 vaccine deliveries

16 Apr 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

TPC Packaging factory in Mumbai

A new cold chain packaging site was officially opened by representatives of a renowned pharmaceutical/vaccine manufacturer. TPC Packaging has two factories in India in Ahmedabad and Navi Mumbai. The company plans to build more in the coming year to support the growth of the Indian pharmaceutical and biological manufacturers.

The opening is part of the company’s aggressive global expansion. It also opened its fifth manufacturing site in southern Germany near Basel in early March.

The company has been at the forefront of cold chain packaging design for more than 17 years in Australia and specialises in custom designs and temperatures to minimise supply chain and logistics costs.

The company, in a press note, stated, “Our unique designs allow for both fully assembled pallets and shippers and flat packing to reduce logistics costs.” The company produces all phase change materials in each site giving it a huge advantage in the market.

In June, when the pandemic spread quickly, the company added to their range the largest collection of cold chain pallets and shippers covering every Covid-19 temperature including 2-8-degrees Celsius, -16-degrees Celsius, -22-degrees Celsius, -33-degrees Celsius and -80-degrees Celsius. Some of the testing demonstrated the quality of the designs and expertise with pallets maintaining temperature for up to 10 days.

The company is an approved and audited supplier to over 200 pharmaceutical, military and blood services and has been approved for use in shipping vaccines by UNICEF, WHO and other emergency and humanitarian organisations.

Matthew Wilson, managing director at TPC, explained that the cold chain packaging is designed, manufactured and tested to suit the higher temperatures found in Australia and India.

Wilson explained: “We have the largest packaging testing facilities in Asia Pacific, so we can complete qualifications and designs in record times. Our fully integrated flexible manufacturing processes allow us to bring new products to market much faster than our competitors.

“Our dedication to our customers' needs in a rapidly changing world is testament to our success. We are still supplying customised cold chain shippers and pallets to our original clients from 17 years ago, CSL Behring, Pfizer, and the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and added many more that depend on our quality and expertise.”

TPC Packaging is producing its full range of cold chain pallets and shippers at both manufacturing sites and has launched a range of pallet blankets and active containers to fully service the entire market.

The parent company Global Cold Chain Solutions Australia has over 400 different designs, models, temperature ranges and customised shippers for its major clients. Arnold George, general manager India explained, “Our success is due to being focused and expertise in the pharma industry. We are a one-stop cold chain shop that can provide multiple solutions for this segment of the market. We pride ourselves on quality products with fully tested to GMP global qualification standards which is mandatory in the global industry.”

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