TOPA receives Rs 12.5 lakhs in donation for Excellence Centre

The Telangana Offset Printers Association said the donation amount will be allocated to the corpus fund of TOPA Centre of Excellence.

29 Jul 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

C Ravinder Reddy (l) presenting the donation cheque to Dayaker Reddy (l) and Radhakrishna (c) of TOPA

The Telangana Offset Printers Association (TOPA) has announced that it has received a total of Rs 12.5 lakhs in donation for its Centre of Excellence coming up at Dandu Malkapur, Pocharam Mandal, New Model Green Industrial Park in Telangana.

In a conversation with PrintWeek, S Dayaker Reddy, national coordinator at TOPA said, "TOPA is very happy to announce the receipt of Rs 10 lakhs as a generous donation from C Ravinder Reddy, president of TOPA, vice president (South) AIFMP and proprietor of Sravya Grafics, in honour of his parents Dr CV Narasimha Reddy garu and Sarada garu."

He also mentioned that TOPA also received a "timely and spontaneous" donation Rs 2.50 lakhs from K Karunakar, vice president of TOPA and managing partner, Sreeven Offset Printers.

He said the amount will go for the corpus fund of TOPA Centre of Excellence, which would be coming up by next year in a sprawling one acre land at the New Model Green Industrial Park being developed by the Telangana government.

Reddy said the Centre would be "first of its kind" once it begins operations by the end of 2021. "There are no other institutions like the TOPA Centre of Excellence. The bhumi pooja was conducted six months back and the Centre will be operational by the end of next year."

"This novel centre will provide advanced skill training in printing and packaging techniques to employees and basic printing orientation training to students of printing technology for better prospects and employment opportunities. This will also ensure continuous supply of semi-skilled and skilled personnel to the printing and packaging industry," Reddy added.

He said the Excellence Centre would be beneficial for the students of printing and packaging. Additionally, anyone from the print and packaging firms such as the staff can make use of the Centre to educate themselves more about a particular print process.

The centre is currently being constructed in a two phase manner. In the first phase, a building with around 9,000 sqft will be allocated for training purposes. In the second stage, over 26,000 sheds would be dedicated for printing, packaging and post processing equipment.

Speaking about the current situation in Telangana, Reddy said that only 25-35% of commercial jobs are functional as of now, owing to the scattered restriction protocols adopted by governments of different states. "The packaging sector, however, is doing 65-75% of its capacity."

He also said the moratorium by banks have been helpful for very few in the industry. "Although their interest rates were lowered marginally, only 15% of companies have applied for loan. At the end of the day, the companies have to repay it with interest, which is again not helping the situation any better."

Reddy, however, highlighted the various measures adopted by TOPA to address the issues faced by printers in Telangana during the pandemic. One of the measures was the area-wise conclave conducted by TOPA, which included one virtual and three physical meetings, which were organised adhering to strict government guidelines on Covid-19.

"The conclave proved to be of great efficacy, as they (the printers) managed to reduce the runs from minimum 3,000 impressions per job to 1,000 impressions, which was quite exceptional. This means additional savings in costs for the printers," he concluded.  

Donated in memory of my dear parents: C Ravinder Reddy, president of TOPA

C Ravinder Reddy, president of TOPA, vice president (South) AIFMP and proprietor of Sravya Grafics, told PrintWeek that TOPA has purchased an acre of land for establishing a skill development centre – TOPA Centre of Excellence – to ensure continuous supply of semi-skilled and skilled personnel to the printing and packaging industry. This Centre will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 2.70 crores. It will consist of classrooms, accommodation, ink and colour labs, fully equipped auditorium, board room and an office.

"TOPA wishes to raise substantial donations from philanthropic and benevolent donors for establishing this Centre soon. I felt TOPA also should set an example in this sincere effort, as charity begins at home," Reddy said. "I wish to honour the memory of my dear parents with this donation of Rs 10 lakhs to help TOPA Centre. I hope this small donation will  pave way for more substantial donations from great donors to help our cause.

He said TOPA has always been helping the distressed families of owners and employees in need of assistance in any calamity since its inception in 2014. "In this pandemic situation, too, TOPA is working  for the benefit and welfare of its members."

K. Karunakar presenting his donation cheque for Rs 2.50 lakhs to Dayaker Reddy of TOPA

"My outlook on this unprecedented  and unimaginable Covid-19 situation is  quite grave business wise as well as community wise and at a personal level to all in India. Apart from the governmental effort, people should understand the gravity of this uncertain situation and  follow the health guidelines," Reddy suggested. "This is the time to remember the old wise saying 'take care of yourself and your family helping and the surrounding community and the nation will take care of itself'."

He also said there is absolute need for quality leadership at the highest levels in the country to ensure that the whole of India works like a well-oiled machine. "At the unit level, our members are constantly exhorted to follow the guidelines and safeguard the interests of themselves, employees and their families to successfully navigate out of this uncertain situation," he added.

"Survival should be our topmost priority. Members  should utilise this lean period to think of adopting to the evolving 'new normal' situation to survive and be ready with new and cost effective techniques, trends and  technologies," he concluded.


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