Tirupur’s Reign Green invests in Ricoh

In a bid to expand its production facility and power of printing, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu-based Reign Green, a gift specialist, known for offering gifts of all kinds, especially wedding return gifts, invested in a Ricoh Pro C5310S digital press. The new press will help Reign Green to gain ground in printing graphics for gifts and cards.

19 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Ramasami P of Reign Green with the Ricoh Pro 5310S

The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

Despite being a young player in the commercial printing market of Tamil Nadu, Reign Green has achieved fame and fortune in the gift and card market. “We have expertise in printing and production of gift items for different occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, baby showers, and many other anniversaries,” said Ramasami P, managing director, Reign Green. 

He added, “We all know that wedding gifts are something brides and grooms receive as a token of love and care. In this, what else would the bride or the groom give the guests or invitees in return? That’s seed ball wedding return gifts. And that’s what Reign Green is known for!”

Since its establishment in 2017, Reign Green is known for manufacturing and supplying seed balls as wedding return gifts. “Behind the charm and uniqueness of the wedding return gifts we produce is our dedicated production team of 10 well-trained printing and packaging professionals and our newly installed Ricoh Pro C5310S colour production press,” he added.

The Ricoh Pro C5310S is a compact digital press designed for delivering exceptional print graphics and textures on a diverse range of media up to 360-gsm. It can run at the maximum print speed of 80-ppm; handling substrate sizes up to 13x19.2-inches. This press delivers vibrant colours and pristine image quality that add value to Reign Green’s exertion to produce a wide range of seed ball wedding return gifts. 

In addition to its expertise in seed ball wedding return gifts, Reign Green is extensively engaging in the production of other gift items, viz, birthday return gifts, general gift boxes, fancy invitation cards, and many more. “Even all the gift items we make, and produce are customisable as per the requirements of their customers,” said Ramasami, adding that the company has produced more than fifteen million seed balls to date. 

Currently, Reign Green has a production capacity of 50,000 seed balls daily, in attractive colours and textures. “Following the adoption of RICOH Pro 5310S, our overall capability in the production of quality prints and textures has been improved a lot,” Ramasami said, adding that Monotech Systems played a vital role to uplift the quality printing power of Reign Green.