Tiivra collaborates with Printmann to launch composite fibre helmets

On 4 September 2022, Tiivra, a rider-centric startup based in Mumbai, launched its first collection of composite fibre helmets. The composite fibre variants available in India are mostly imported and come with a hefty price tag (upwards of Rs 15,000). Tiivra intends to lower its tag and provide safe helmets.

27 Sep 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

Tiivra: To build products that meet the needs of Indian riders

Alpana Parida, founder of Tiivra Ventures said, "Tiivra is the only brand in India that is building only composite fibre helmets. In comparison to plastic helmets, composite helmets are lighter, yet stronger and perform better at higher speeds." Parida added, "Tiivra's helmets have been optimised for the aggressive riding triangles from 35 to 65 degrees." With a strong internal squad of riders, Tiivra100, Tiivra has taken the community approach to build products that meet the needs of the Indian riders.

For the helmets, Tiivra collaborated with Printmann, a PrintWeek Award winner and "managed to achieve a box that is functional in strength but aesthetic in the pack design and graphics on the box." The box is a standout visual representation of Tiivra's philosophy and creates desirability for the riders. Parida said, "It's truly a one-of-its-kind packaging box in the category." 

The colour system was developed by Nippon Paint specially for Tiivra to ensure maximum visibility both in the day and the night. The yellow gold Sunblaze colour ensures visibility in the day whilst Starblaze which is an innovative light reflective paint marks out the rider in the night. Parida said, "Armed with the ability to no longer be invisible on the roads the next step was to create graphics that would enhance visibility even further and engage the rider at a deeper level to ensure adoption of the product."

The graphics follow the theme of "from the ordinary to the extraordinary". This transformation is manifested through the metaphor of a "mask that reveals". Each graphic in the collection celebrates an alter ego inspired by rider attributes and behaviours. The urban street fighter is Buzzy; the race obsessive is T1, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks is Sabre, the preening peacock is RazTaz, the eternal wanderer is X-Roads and the unstoppable force of the fearless Demon. Parida explained that "Each alter ego defines a personality archetype rooted in insights into the rider mindset." 

She said The transformation of the rider from an "invisible entity" on the streets to a sight "impossible to miss" is the intention behind the graphic and colour approach. Visibility goes hand in hand with a pride felt at a representation of the ‘true rider’. "The Tiivra helmet is a visible marker of a passionate rider, one who wears their heart with pride on their heads," concluded Alpana Parida.

The Decal challenge:

The challenge was to create a graphic system that creates an overall coverage of the helmet without reducing the impact of the yellow gold Sunblaze base coat. An iterative process of fitment and colour exploration post the design stage was followed along with the decal partners Decaltech, who are based in Mumbai. 

Converting a two dimensional image into an effective representation on a three dimensional object i.e. helmet is an exhaustive and iterative process. Fitments can vary across each object due to the nature of water slide decals which have an inherent stretchability which can lead to inconsistencies. 

To reduce margins for error after decal development an application training process is followed with the personnel at the application end to ensure correct fitment each time.