The print-sector in Najibabad

Najibabad, a small town on the banks of river Malini, is known for the fort after which the town is named, constructed by Nawab Najib-udDaula, also known as Najib Khan, in 1740.

23 Oct 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

Located bordering the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Najibabad enjoys a largely temperate climate compared to the rest of Uttar Pradesh. The town, known for its handicraft works, is also the native place of the Sahu Jain family that runs the world’s largest selling English daily The Times of India.

Shadab Alam and Suresh Chand talk about the print business in the town of Najibabad.

Evergreen Printing Press

Shadab Alam is a first generation printer who picked up his skills at one of the printing companies in the town before venturing on his own. He works in commercial, books and packaging, and is growing at a steady rate.

Alam now plans to add more printing presses and finishing equipment to the existing setup of single and two-colour printing presses along with a few post-press equipment. He works for few clients based in the NCR region and it shows his activeness and progressive approach.


Mohit Printing Press

Suresh Chand had a printing press, but sold it some time back. Now, he has only finishing equipment. He is into wedding cards and outsources print jobs from a neighbouring printer.


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