THE ARTS+/B3: A festival with a view to the future of culture

Once again this year, THE ARTS+ (16 to 20 October) will offer plenty of inspiration to visitors: Shudu, the first digital supermodel; the second Frankfurt Creative AI conference; an exciting programme for and with pioneers of the media and cultural industries, as well as international artists and tech experts.

24 Sep 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Now in its fourth year, THE ARTS+ has formed a unique partnership with the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, an event organised by the University of Art and Design Offenbach (HfG). As the cooperation between THE ARTS+ and B3 shows, the merging of content between the cultural and media industries in the digital age is running at full speed.

The five-day programme of the Future of Culture Festival includes one conference per day, each with its own focal topic. Each conference will be followed by a think-tank event where the participants get a chance to meet the conference speakers and benefit from their inside knowledge.

Holger Volland, founder of THE ARTS+ and Vice President of Frankfurter Buchmesse, will open THE ARTS+ on 16 October, together with Professor Bernd Kracke, president of HfG and artistic director of B3. At the opening panel discussion on “Shifting Realities and Desirable Futures”, they will talk to authors, cultural figures and scientists about the potential benefits of art and culture in creating and cultivating a better future.

The first conference on the opening day is entitled New Rules for Business. Revolutionising the Cultural Economy. The discussions here will focus on innovative approaches and strategies that have been developed and implemented by cultural institutions and organisations, and by creative (tech) start-ups. The speakers and participants will include Cleo Schoeps, Head of Art Sponsorship Partnership at UBS, Diane Drubay, founder of “We Are Museums” and Francesca Polo, co-founder of Vastari.

The second conference 17 October, will bring together the book industry and related creative sectors to present new highlights in the print and digital fields. Under the heading, Beyond the Cover: Pushing the Boundaries of Publishing Through Collaboration, speakers including Elise by Olsen, editor-in-chief of Wallet magazine, and the artist Sheena Calvert will present approaches they take to their work which successfully transcend different sectors, industries and materials.

On 18 October, panellists such as Jessica and Evrim Oralkan, the founders of Collecteurs, will speak about new opportunities at the third conference on Power to the People. How Technology can Facilitate Access to Culture and Empower Audiences.

“Digitisation has shattered the boundaries between media formats and industries,” explained Holger Volland. “And that has set free an incredible potential for new business with creative content. Artists and media professionals have been given new tools with which to express themselves artistically and innovatively, but they are also increasingly pointing out the dangers and the problems – and we are bringing these people together at THE ARTS+/B3.”

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