Tetra Pak, Milkbasket to make recycling easier in Noida, Gurugram

Tetra Pak has joined hands with Reliance-owned Milkbasket, India’s first and largest daily micro-delivery service to help consumers recycle their used beverage cartons through Milkbasket’s app.

06 Jun 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Now Milkbasket users can put in a pick-up request through the app

Under this initiative, Milkbasket users can put in a pick-up request along with their usual grocery delivery order through the app, and simply leave the used cartons in the Milkbasket bag outside their door. The delivery agent, while dropping off groceries, will then pick up these used cartons and take them back to a central hub. From here, the cartons will be channelled to the nearest recycler with Tetra Pak’s support.

Launched recently, this initiative brings together Milkbasket’s strengths in distribution and logistics, with Tetra Pak’s understanding of the collection and recycling ecosystem, to accelerate recycling of used cartons. Since the launch a few days ago, Milkbasket has already received approximately 200 pick-up requests so far.

Supporting the association, Yatish Talvadia, CEO and Founder, Milkbasket, said, “Milkbasket’s digital shopper customers are sensitive to the need for sustainable practices. When they see such initiatives, their response is naturally enthusiastic to support the efforts of Milkbasket and Tetra Pak. We are happy to play our role in ensuring that these used cartons can continue to serve the society in the form of new and useful products.”

Ashutosh Manohar, managing director, Tetra Pak South Asia, added, “We are happy to expand the collection and recycling network for used cartons even further with this unique partnership with Milkbasket. Recycling is a key enabler of environmental sustainability and as an industry we need to keep strengthening the ecosystem to make recycling sustainable. Consumers are the catalysts whose participation is key to the success of recycling, and we hope that they will make the most of this opportunity.”

The partnership between Milkbasket and Tetra Pak builds on the partnership between Reliance Retail and Tetra Pak since 2010 when they kicked-off the Go Green with Tetra Pak campaign in Mumbai. Under this programme, 54 Reliance Retail stores act as drop off points for used cartons, allowing consumers to recycle cartons easily. Over the years, the programme has helped collect and recycle over 9.5 million cartons, donating nearly 400 desks and over one lakh other recycled products to less privileged schools. 

In addition, over 300 garden benches have been gifted to various housing societies, parks and other public places across Mumbai. The partnership with Milkbasket is an extension of this responsible partnership.