TechNova’s Suresh Kumar succumbs to Covid-19

Suresh Kumar, TechNova’s manager of territory sales who operated out of Chennai lost his battle to Covid-19.

03 May 2021 | By Sriraam Selvam

Suresh Kumar (1972- 2021)

Known for his technical prowess and his ability to effectively communicate with the operators and owners alike, 49-year old Suresh was popular for the many seminars that he conducted in Tamil. He was responsible for 200 customers and five channel partners for TechNova.

Tributes were pouring for Suresh from his TechNova colleagues where he spent 27 years of his 30-year-long career with Shreerang Sudhir Joshi, chief operating officer, channel sales, leading the way.

“Suresh was a TechNova man on the shop floor of most of the print companies in Chennai with a strong connection with operators as well as owners. He will be remembered  by the print fraternity in Chennai for the value that he added by resolving the issues with his technical ability clubbed with his helpful attitude,” said Joshi.

“He was such a caring person in both personal and professional life, very responsible at work. He was known for his immediate response, action and closures and that's why printers, dealers and his colleagues at all the levels and all the functions were so confident that once Suresh is on the job, it will be done. He had an ability to explain depending on the ability of a recipient in a most humble way,” Joshi added.

S Shekhar, GM regional services, TechNova: “Words fail to express my anguish and untimely loss of Suresh, who I was acquainted to since 1999. An extremely private person,  who believed in quietly dispensing his duties, unmindful of what is happening around him. Such was his focus. He was a perfectionist and a very meticulous person. Even a pendrive purchased five years back would find its way back to its original packing. A genuinely loving and affectionate person, who, silently would sit by your side at the time of need. A go-to person for any technical support - be it customer or associate, Suresh believed in addressing and resolving problems. He was the quintessential  customer's man and this extended to his friends and associates as well. He leaves behind a huge void, not only to TechNova, his family and friends, but also to the offset printing industry, at large. May his soul attain peace.”

M Illango, senior manager, TechNova and a very close associate of Suresh: “ He has been such a great human being and a very caring person. Very responsible at work and his interaction. Would respond immediately and resolve things as soon as possible. He is also known to pay personal attention and be in communication. A very calm gentleman, explaining things in a way the other person understands it.”

The Chennai print fraternity were shocked and tributes were also pouring in for Suresh on MPLA's social media group.

The PrintWeek team remembers Suresh Kumar with fondness. His print lectures in Tamil for young technologists were priceless. We remember one tip he had for print firm CEOs which he shared with us, "Use what you have today. However, think about tomorrow’s investments in a different way than you may have in the past. If you plan to acquire a new digital printer, make sure that printer/DFE investment complements or advances your automation journey. The biggest problem with our industry is, it tends to think about tomorrow's problems with yesterday's mindset." 

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