TechNova wins top Konica Minolta accolades at annual channel partners meet

TechNova’s digital imaging systems division capped off 2018-19 with top business awards at the recently held Annual Konica Minolta channel partners meet. The event was held from 25-27 April 2019 in Udaipur.

10 May 2019 | By Noel D'Cunha & Noel D'Cunha

TechNova won the Best partner overall achievement, Best CSAT score, Best partner for photo placement, Highest colour unit placement, and Service hotshot winner awards, and a runner up  Service hotshot award.

The last few years have seen TechNova make a significant impact on the digital solutions space, and it’s partnership with Konica Minolta, which took shape in January 2013, has been a key to TechNova’s pursuit.

Enhance Offset and Integrate Digital is not just a tagline for TechNova, it’s a belief, said  S Swarnangka, chief marketing officer at TechNova. “We have been long enough in the market to understand that it’s not offset Vs digital any more, but offset and digital. That’s where the catch is.”

Today, the market share of offset printing is around 80-90% of the global volume capacity, with digital printing around 10-20%. “There are offset printers who are bolstering their production efficiencies by installing a digital kit while on the other side, there are digital print service providers who are installing offset presses. We have seen it happen in cities like Surat as well as Mumbai,” said  Swarnangka. 

Konica Minolta digital production presses made its India debut in 2008 and have around 3,000 presses installed. According to PrintWeek India, over 10% of these presses have been sold by TechNova. “As a matter of policy, we do not share numbers, but TechNova has been consistently securing the most coveted award for any partner, the highest CSAT in production printing category for the last three years,” said Swarnangka. “We deeply value our relationship with Konica Minolta, which actually began in 2014 when we started marketing KM presses.”