TechNova receives top honours at Konica Minolta Partners Meet 2022-23

TechNova, a digital print solutions provider, has been awarded four excellence awards for sales and service functions at the Annual Konica Minolta Partners Meet held on April 24 2023, in Goa. Yet again, TechNova bagged one of the most coveted Excellent Customer Satisfaction Award.

08 May 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Team TechNova and KM during the event in Goa

Since allying with Konica Minolta in 2013, TechNova has established a significant presence in the digital solutions space. It has become the preferred supplier of digital print solutions due to its exceptional pre and post-sales technical support. It has created a large footprint of Konica Minolta production presses.

 Amit Khurana, deputy chief executive officer at TechNova, said, "Enhance offset and integrate digital is not just a tagline for the company. It's a belief. While the world debated offset versus digital, TechNova always believed in offset and digital. One of our key messages to our customers has been to enhance offset and integrate digital."

 Currently, the market share of offset printing is around 92-94% of the global volume capacity, with digital printing around 6-8%. "There are offset printers bolstering their production efficiencies by installing a digital kit, while on the other side, there are digital print service providers installing offset presses. We see this happening in almost all major print centres across India," said Puranjit Sarangi, senior general manager, sales – digital print systems at TechNova.

TechNova received the KM Customer satisfaction (production printing business) award​​​​​​

Since Konica Minolta's digital production presses made their India debut in 2008, around 4,000+ presses have been installed. PrintWeek estimates that TechNova has sold over 10% of these presses. "TechNova has been consistently securing the most coveted award for any partner, the highest customer satisfaction (CSAT) in the production printing category for many years now," said Khurana. "We deeply value our relationship with Konica Minolta, which began in 2013 and look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial association."

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