TechNova petitions against dumping of plates

TechNova has filed petitions for the continuation of antidumping duty (ADD) on digital offset printing plates (DOPP) from certain countries and for the imposition of anti-subsidy duty (CVD) on imports of DOPP from China and Taiwan.

27 Nov 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

The Government of India, vide notifications dated 29 September 2023 and 03 October 2023, has initiated investigations for the imposition of countervailing duty and continuation of anti-dumping duty, respectively, in response to the said applications of TechNova. In their applications, the company said exporters from certain countries, particularly China, continue to dump DOPP into India at significantly low prices despite existing anti-dumping duty. As a result, TechNova continues to suffer significant losses.

In October 2023, Kodak called for tariffs to be imposed on Chinese and Japanese plate manufacturers that import products into the US, citing “unfairly low prices that significantly undercut” the domestic market.

TechNova’s CEO and executive director, C G Ramakrishnan, said that as a result of the low pricing, TechNova continues to suffer significant losses. “Therefore, TechNova was constrained to seek a continuation of ADD in order to neutralise the injurious effects of dumped imports and create a level playing field for fair competition.”

TechNova is one of the largest DOPP manufacturers in India. “While the Chinese government provides significant benefits to the Chinese plate exporters, for example, 16% cash export incentive; lower priced aluminium for manufacture of plates meant for exports; low-cost power; and long-term finance at near-zero interest rates, Indian plate manufacturers do not get any of these benefits.”

India currently imposes the minimum duty required to remedy the injury caused to domestic producers due to dumped or subsidised imports. If the Indian authorities find that the duty in place is sufficient to remedy both dumping and subsidisation, it may not increase the quantum of duties (collectively). However, if it finds that the current quantum of duties is insufficient to remedy dumping and subsidisation, then the quantum of duties may increase.

TechNova has clarified in a note available with PrintWeek that the trade-remedial duties are meant solely to ensure a level playing field for fair competition and not for any form of unfair protection. “TechNova will continue offering its customers its digital offset printing plates at fair and competitive prices.” 

The note further clarifies that this measure will help the domestic plate manufacturing industry survive and, in the long run, eventually protect and benefit the Indian printing industry. “It is important that the DOPP market is fairly competitive so that you can buy DOPP at competitive prices. In the absence of ADD, we will suffer huge losses and may be forced to exit the market, leaving the Indian printers at the mercy of Chinese suppliers and exporters from other countries.”

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