TechNova gives Pamex visitors a taste of green, and a new coating

The buzz at the TechNova stand undoubtedly reflected the theme – Enhance Offset. Integrate Digital. In the digital section, there were a slew of digital presses and post-press kit, and the new kit, the Duplo DDC 810 digital spot UV device, which received a Pamex debut.

20 Dec 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

TechNova also introduced consumables, which it manufactures – the NovaCoat and UltraSheild in alliance with Hi-Tech Coatings and Adonis chem-free plates in alliance with Agfa.

According to CG Ramakrishnan, the new CEO of TechNova, there are two aspects to it. One, it is helping the Make-in-India, as a national policy. And two, we are bringing such products to the market, which will allow the Indian printers to add value, become environmental-friendly, which it always wanted to but could not.

Ramakrishnan added, “Take for example the Hi-Tech Coatings products. Such water-based and UV coatings were not available in India. Even if they had to be imported, it would be cost-prohibitive.”

The NovaCoat is a water-based coating solution, while the UltraSheild is a UV-based coating. “The specialisation given in the bulk products the alliance with Hi-Tech Coatings we bring are tested at the in-house lab of the Heidelberg facility,” said Ramakrishnan. “So we are talking about embellishing solution that has been tested on top-end machines, which are now available to the Indian printers at a very competitive price.”

The Adonis plates are chem-free, thermal photopolymer plates, which not only offer a greener alternative, but also save time and money. The high sensitivity of the plate allows it to be processed at great speed, without compromising the quality, said Ramakrishnan. “It is a photopolymer plate, which means the runs of the print are high 3-lakh impressions, plus it’s UV ink and 20-micron compatible,” he said.

Chem-free plates are fast become the next-generation plates. The printers are becoming more aware about the environment. “However, there’s a fear that such plates would either be too expensive or quality and speed would take a hit. With the Adonis, neither are we compromising on quality nor speed, is UV compatible, and an environmental solution, that makes your print cost-effective,” explained Ramakrishnan.